Weekend Getaway Ideas

If a lengthy vacation isn’t in the cards right now, don’t fret! We want to share some amazing ideas for long weekends away, including a dozen weekend getaway ideas in the USA! 🇺🇸

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of time – just 48 hours of bliss may do the trick – and we’re teaming up with Fora to give you some amazing options for some of the best weekend getaways America has to offer. The travel experts at Fora have provided a world-class hotel recommendation for every destination so you can truly savour what each place has to offer. Whether you’re in for a plane, train, or automobile road trip, here are our top urban destinations you can enjoy in just one weekend away. 💃🏻

Photo: Flytographer in Denver. Stephanie and family capture memories in Denver with a family photoshoot.

1. The Nines | Portland, Oregon

When thinking about the realm of weekend getaway ideas, the Pacific Northwest has lots to offer! However, when it comes to PNW coolness, Portland sits high on our list of destinations. This trendy city is a breath of fresh air for the outdoorsy, the food scene is awesome (hello, foodies!), and it’s all-around eclectic. Portland is perfect for a weekend trip. 🌿

When you’re looking to book a hotel in Portland, look no further than The Nines. The Nines is ideally located— giving you the best of downtown Portland, with great access to endless outdoor adventures nearby. The property itself is beautiful, artsy, and all-around fabulous. 🆒 It manages to be hip, comfortable, and totally immersed in the Portland scene.

Perks for booking The Nines with Fora

  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Daily full breakfast for two guests per bedroom
  • $100 USD Food & Beverage credit to be utilized during stay

Photo: Whitney in Portland for Flytographer. Caitlin and partner celebrate their anniversary with a couple photoshoot.

2. Hotel Bel Air | Los Angeles, California

California is filled with incredible getaways — cities like San Diego and San Francisco are spectacular for a little break — but we’re going to hone in on Los Angeles.

It’s pretty impossible to think of Los Angeles 🌞 without thinking of Bel Air. Bel Air! Old Hollywood glam oozes in Bel Air, and for most of us, that glamorous vibe is a totally different one than what we’re used to during our typical 9-5 work week. Escaping to Los Angeles — Bel Air in particular — is a dream, and the Hotel Bel Air is 5-star classic sophistication at its finest. The ambiance is romantic, upscale, and serene. You can’t ask for a more luxurious, exclusive weekend getaway than at Hotel Bel Air.

Perks for booking Hotel Bel Air with Fora

  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Daily full breakfast for two guests per bedroom
  • $100 USD Food & Beverage credit to be utilized during stay

Photo: Dipan in Los Angeles for Flytographer. Katherine and family capture memories together on a family trip to LA with a family photoshoot.

3. The Ramble Hotel | Denver, Colorado

Fresh mountain air is the perfect remedy to clear your heart and mind for a weekend, no matter which weekend getaway ideas you have. 🏔 Colorado is home to four national parks, but if you’re craving a weekend retreat minus the campground, might we suggest Denver? Sitting at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway, and in the heart Denver’s River North Art District lies the Ramble Hotel. This 50-room boutique hotel is a gem of a spot with a lively, urban, eclectic vibe. The hotel itself is stunning and is the perfect springboard for a weekend in the city if you’re looking to hit the hiking trails or other outdoor activities, or if you just want to soak in the urban greatness that is Denver, the Ramble Hotel is a great place to start.

Photo: Jenna in Denver for Flytographer. Lauren and partner celebrate their anniversary with a couple photoshoot.

4. Hotel Saint Cecelia | Austin, Texas

Austin is young, diverse, quirky, and cool. 😎 This trendy Texan oasis is not only the live music capital of the world, but also a perfect place to escape for a long weekend filled with culture, fun, and sunshine. To fully embrace the funkiness that is Austin, we recommend the Hotel Saint Cecelia. The Hotel Saint Cecelia is named after the patron saint of music and poetry 🎶 and takes inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s in each of its suites, bungalows, and studios.

Perks for booking Hotel Saint Cecelia with Fora

  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Guaranteed 2pm late check-out
  • $35 USD food and beverage credit per room, per stay

Photo: Macy in Austin for Flytographer. Brad and Garrett capture memories together in Austin with a family photoshoot.

5. Maison de la Luz | New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re ready to party (or relax) hard, and simultaneously fill yourself with incredible cuisine, culture, and nightlife, New Orleans is a perfect weekend escape! 🎷 The Big Easy is a round-the-clock melting pot, sure to fill each of your senses to the brim during your weekend getaway ideas brainstorm. While you’re in NoLa, look no further than the Maison de la Luz for accommodations — this beautiful boutique hotel is a self-proclaimed “place for reverie and proper Southern swoon.” (Confirmed: it is swoon-worthy.)

Perks for booking Maison de la Luz with Fora

  • $100 food / beverage credit
  • Breakfast daily
  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible

Photo: Karla in New Orleans for Flytographer. Ayauna and friends celebrate a trip together in New Orleans with a friends photoshoot.

6. Noelle Nashville Downtown | Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee is the music city! 🎸 At the top of our weekend getaway ideas, Nashville is the perfect escape to let loose, chill out, or live large. Day or night, Nashville can’t be beaten. Right in the heart of Nashville’s Arts District, the Noelle Nashville Downtown is energetic, bright, and awesome for your weekend trip. Noelle Nashville has a one-of-a-kind nature that immerses travellers in an art-driven, carefully curated hotel experience.

Perks for booking Noelle Nashville Downtown with Fora

  • $100 food / beverage credit
  • Breakfast daily
  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible

Photo: Brooke in Nashville for Flytographer. Brittany and partner celebrate their anniversary together in Nashville with a couple photoshoot.

7. Mr C Coconut Grove | Miami, Florida

“Party in the city where the heat is on!” There’s nowhere in the States quite like Miami, and the Mr C Miami Coconut Grove will show you a new perspective than your typical Miami Beach fare. ⛱ Just a short distance from some of the best beaches in Florida, the Mr C Miami Coconut Grove is visually stunning — it’s modern, fresh, airy, and perfectly Miami. 

Photo: Cheryl in Miami for Flytographer. Elizabeth and kids capture memories together at Pier Park at Sunny Isles Beach in Miami with a family photoshoot.

8. Zero George Street Hotel | Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has quickly become an “it” destination for weekend getaways — from couples trips to bachelorette parties to solo escapes, Charleston has something for everyone with its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and its rich historic districts. Charleston is breathtakingly beautiful, and that beauty is tactile — the streets, Victorian buildings, shops, landscapes, and food are steeped in layers of colour, texture, and history. (Have you ever done a walking tour? Charleston is a great spot to give one a try!)

There is no better example of Charleston charm than at the Zero George Street Hotel. The Zero George is excellent in every sense. The Zero George manages to capture the very best parts of Charleston and is a perfect escape for a weekend trip. 🥂

Photo: Kelsey in Charleston for Flytographer. Haylee and partner celebrate their babymoon in Charleston with a maternity photoshoot.

9. Hay-Adams | Washington, DC

While Washington, DC is a great spot for families, it is also an amazing weekend escape for couples, solo travellers, and more! It can also be hard to find a hotel that checks all the boxes in a city like DC, but the Hay-Adams manages to fit the bill. 🏨 Located ideally downtown, the Hay-Adams gives you the option to access Washington, DC’s best sights, and also shows off iconic views of the Washington Monument, White House, Lafayette Park, and more. The Hay-Adams is historic and elegant — a premier Washington, DC destination.

Perks for booking Hay-Adams with Fora

  • $100 food / beverage credit
  • Breakfast daily
  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible

Photo: Elisenda in Washington DC for Flytographer. Keisha captures memories on a solo trip to Washington DC with a Modern Headshot photoshoot.

10. Pendry Chicago | Chicago, Illinois

It can be intimidating to choose a hotel in a big city like Chicago — where do you even start? 🏙 Well, we suggest starting at the Pendry Chicago. The Pendry Chicago is located in the 1929 Art Deco Carbide & Carbon Building, and will absolutely blow you away. (Seriously.) It’s a contemporary art lover’s dream. Not only is the location perfectly situated, but the hotel itself is so fabulous, you may never want to leave. Stay in, go out … either way, win-win!

Perks for booking the Pendry Chicago with Fora

  • $100 food / beverage credit
  • Breakfast daily
  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible

Photo: Francisco in Chicago for Flytographer. Nikita and family capture memories in Chicago with a family photoshoot.

11. Four Seasons Downtown | New York City, New York

Oh, New York, New York! It’s nearly impossible not to have an incredible weekend getaway in the city, but if you typically find yourself getting a hotel in Midtown (Times Square anyone?), might we suggest a change of pace? The Four Seasons Hotel Downtown is ideally located with access to all downtown NYC has to offer, and gives you easy access to walk, bike, ride, or however else you choose to explore New York City! 🗽 The Four Seasons name is synonymous with luxury, and this property lives up to that name. The Four Seasons Hotel Downtown is great for any escape, but in particular for a romantic getaway — be sure to check it out for your list of weekend getaway ideas!

Perks for booking The Four Seasons with Fora

When you book Four Seasons through Fora, you will enjoy exclusive Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits. Your Fora Advisor will be pleased to give you more details.

Photo: Sehee in New York City for Flytographer. Jenna and partner celebrate their anniversary with a couple photoshoot at DUMBO.

12. XV Beacon | Boston, Massachusetts

A weekend in New England is always a good idea, and who doesn’t love Boston? Whether you’re there for the history, the New England charm, a bowl of clam chowder, or just a general break from life, Boston is a perfect choice for a weekend getaway. 🦞

The XV Beacon is a truly luxe boutique property — it’s sophisticated, charming, and tasteful. Look no further while you’re in Boston than the XV Beacon for your East Coast respite.

Perks for booking XV Beacon with Fora

  • $100 food / beverage credit
  • Breakfast daily
  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible

Photo: Meghan in Boston for Flytographer. Nicole and family capture memories together in Boston with a family photoshoot.

Capturing weekend getaway memories

We hope we’ve inspired you to take advantage of incredible vacation spots for a weekend getaway, whether it’s a nearby day trip or a destination a little farther away from home. 🌎 If you’re craving a romantic getaway, a glance at the city’s art scene, a new hiking trail, some great new eateries — or something else entirely, these 12 American cities and fabulous hotels offer a plethora of incredible options for you to have the best weekend getaway everrrr! 👋