These kids have taught us the ultimate travel lesson – never stop experiencing the world with childlike wonder and excitement.

Bringing the young ones along on the trip of a lifetime may bring on more feelings of stress than excitement (after all, it’s not socially acceptable for adults to break down in tears in the middle of the sidewalk over a croissant), but these stylish, well-travelled kids are filling us with travel envy. We’re taking a page out of their book for our next adventure – remember to snack often, nap often and most importantly, have fun! Read on for our favourite kid-sized travel moments of 2019.

Favourite Memory: “One of our favorite memories of Amsterdam was our kids swimming in the fountain area alongside the Tropenmuseum in the beautiful Oosterpark.”

Inspiration: “My husband and I both have brothers that have recently moved overseas (Amsterdam and Denmark), so we wanted to take our family on an adventure to visit them both. This was the first time our kids have been to Europe and we wanted to document our travels and these sweet memories of our summer in Europe.” — Rebecca in Amsterdam

Favourite Memory: “The moment in the rose garden for the photo shoot (and an extremely good post-birthday dinner at Camillo’s after the shoot)!”

Inspiration: “We are expecting our second child in 2 months. Our first turns 2 years old soon. We wanted to take a short family trip as we will not have the chance for a while. Our daughter’s name is Florence. My wife studied painting for a summer in Florence several years ago, AFTER she had won one of the UK’s National Portrait Gallery’s annual awards. Florence was also my grandmother’s name. My last 2 visits there were to shoot a cross-Europe vintage car rally and to shoot the wedding of the daughter of fashion designer Roberto Cavalli for Vanity Fair Italy.  It’s a city with many types of memories for us.” — Robert in Florence

Favourite Memory: “Our kids lying on the side of the Bow Bridge in Central Park.” — Fang in New York

Favourite Memory: “Watching the pure joy our son exhibited while traveling around ‘Wing-win’ (or as we’d say it, England).”

Inspiration: “This trip was our first really big trip with our 2-year-old son, Holden, and it had to be to England to visit our friends. It was an incredible experience and he absolutely loved it. We knew it was going to be special, which is why I had to book a photographer to capture our family on this trip.” — Ryan in London

Favourite Memory: “My favourite memory from this trip was introducing my daughter to the traditional public bath. She had so much fun learning the etiquette and soaking in the outdoor bath!”

Inspiration: “Japan has always been our favourite travel destination. We love pretty much everything about Japan, from the food to the animation and everything in between. What made this trip extra-special was that we took our five-year-old daughter to Japan for the first time and successfully made her fall in love with the place too.” — Janice in Tokyo

Favourite Memory: “Our photos which will last a lifetime.”

Inspiration: “The inspiration for this trip was to fulfill my mother-in-law’s bucket list now that her cancer is in remission. The day with Flytographer was a highlight for the kiddos because it was a fun thing to do. They were great travel buddies but preferred less sightseeing and walking.” — Natasha in Rome

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