Let’s Laugh and Learn, People

It’s a tale as old as time: you are on vacation and want a photo souvenir to remember the moment and capture the magic of your trip. Whether you’re solo or with friends and loved ones, the selfie is inevitable—but OH the problems it can cause! We asked you to send in your most disastrous, most hilarious travel photo fails and share your stories with us so that we can all learn a little something about how to avoid chopped off hands and dark silhouetted faces in future. Without further ado:

Light Background, Dark Faces

A passerby volunteered to take a photo of my daughter and me outside of the Brooks Atkinson Theatre while we waited in line to see Waitress. It was a kind offer, but the lighting in the photo is beyond repair, so all this picture does is sit on my camera roll. How lucky that we had a session with Flytographer Amanda the following day!

Compared to a professional Flytographer shoot

Less Than Flattering Angles

My husband wears glasses and in almost every selfie we take while we travel, we get either up the nose, or a glare from his glasses! —@marykathrynpat

Went to Iceland only got Selfies at the Sunvoyager and Hallgrimskirkja—double chins are NOT flattering. —@laurmramos

No Sense of Place

My husband and I can’t figure out selfies (short arms?). When the two of us travel alone together, every picture is 90% our heads with a tiny bit of scenery in the background. —@katiepeterso

Me feeding a giraffe on a safari = my husband cutting off the giraffe heads IN EVERY SINGLE PICTURE he took. —@tmha45

Compared to a professional Flytographer shoot

Dangerous Location Scouting

We did not check the weather before hiking up past Neuschwanstein for a better view… Needless to say, in search of a great angle we nearly slipped off the side of a mountain! —@ktjnsn

Can’t Get Everyone in the Photo

As a family of four travelling, it’s impossible to get a decent photo with everyone in. As the selfie-taker, I’m either all the way out of frame or 1/3 of my face can be seen. —@ms_mads77

The Innocent (Bad with Cameras) Bystander / “Helpful” Bystanders

A stranger kindly took photos of us while we were getting engaged in the Rocky Mountains. Unfortunately, they were so blurry and far away that you can’t even recognize us! Such a beautiful moment that I wish we could have had in a photo! —@rfraccar

Compared to a professional Flytographer shoot

“During our travels, we like to take photos with trees :deciduous_tree: and beautiful scenery behind us. But since we rely on timers or remotes, we have quite a few travel photo fails! :sob: We hired Flytographer for our first wedding anniversary trip to Seoul, and the results were absolutely breathtaking and #WallWorthy!”  @leslieolivenza

The Body Chop

We were on the beach in beautiful Cuba and we asked a stranger to take our picture against the backdrop of stunning crystal clear waters and blue skies. All we got was us from the neck up and sky. —@exploreasafamily

My bf and I went on a romantic trip to Victoria. My phone died almost as soon and we got there cause I had been using GPS all day and he only had about 5% left cause he forgot to charge it the night before. We managed to get one photo with the parliament buildings before his phone died too. Later that night when we charged the phones, we looked at the photo and both our heads were cut off. —@mahdiiehx

Compared to a professional Flytographer shoot

It’s a White Out

I took my daughter to Niagara Falls when she was four, and we did the Hornblower boat tour to get up nice and close and get some pictures of us right in front of the falls. The selfies I took were a real let-down: the background was completely blown-out, so it looks like we’re posing soaking wet in front of a white wall…no falls in sight. —@jojo_rara4

Hair Malfunction: When You Need a Spotter

Set up my camera when we were in Ireland to take a photo in front of Muckross house, and just as we got into position, and the timer was about to click, my hair blew right across my face. It made us both laugh, a good memory, not the best photo though! —@tarynitup.blog

Photobombers: the Struggle is Real

Three years ago, I took my mom on a river cruise from Berlin to Prague. After arriving in Prague, my husband came to meet us and we had a week together as a family. We wanted to get a family photo in front of the famous clock tower in the main square. Later, upon looking at the photo, we realized there were two more members! Apparently, a funny couple decided to photobomb us! Ha! #familyphotofail#cantusethispiconthexmascard@llum83

Accidental Angry Face

We are always squinting in sunlight in order to get shots of the background… —@mandypandy2385

As you can see from the before and after shots, there is hope that you too can get amazing vacation photos! You don’t need to count on random strangers or selfie sticks. A Flytographer will tell you when your hair has blown in front of your face, they’ll be able to capture your whole family without cutting off buildings or arms in the process. They know exactly the right spots to get the light, the scenery and avoid the crowds (no one wants the back of a stranger’s head in their proposal shot), plus they are experts at composing knock-your-socks off photos and know how to make everyone shine

Vacations are always over way too fast, but the least you can do is capture those moments, they way they really looked, to remember them by.