There is nothing like the wonder of a child while travelling – exploring new cities, tasting food they’ve never seen before, and learning about new people and places as they find their way in the world. From beach-bum babies to little ones taking on big cities, see some of our favourite tiny travellers of 2017.


The Reddish Family in Provence, France
Flytographers Andrea & Cyril


The Erickson Family in Cancun, Mexico
Flytographer Monica

“My wife and I love to travel (we’ve done all 7 continents together), but our opportunities have been limited since we had twins. For our tenth wedding anniversary we decided to get the girls their first passport stamps while pampering ourselves at a beautiful all-inclusive resort. Cancun’s amazing white-sand beaches and bright turquoise water did not disappoint!”


The Pyo Family in London, United Kingdom
Flytographer Mairead

“London is one of my favorite places so I was excited to bring my son there. I decided that since it was just the two of us traveling, I wanted someone to capture some photos of the two of us together (that weren’t just selfies). We met Mairead bright and early near the Big Ben. We had a fun time taking pictures with her and we are happy with how they turned out. This was our second time using Flytographer and we are happy with how all of our photos have turned out.”


The Rife Family in Seoul, South Korea
Flytographer Allen


The Halpern Family in Paris, France
Flytographer Kirill


The Ahmad Family in Shanghai, China
Flytographer Erica


The Beup Family in Maui, USA
Flytographer Marie


The Cook Family in Dublin, Ireland
Flytographer Vanessa

“When I packed up my 1 year old son, and embarked on a last minute trip from Canada to Europe, I knew it would be an adventure. Over 10 days, we had 4 flights, went to 3 countries and made memories that I’ll remember forever. I thought the perfect way to end our trip would be to get photos taken so one day I can show him what a special time we had.”


The Malbrough Family in Rome, Italy
Flytographer Roberta

“Even though we went to so many amazing places, my favorite moment of the trip was on a playground. My 3 year old was running around and a little Italian girl ran up to her and started talking 100 miles an hour in Italian. She was almost shouting at her about something fun she wanted to do on the playground equipment. My daughter was frozen in bewilderment and totally confused that she didn’t understand her at all, bewildered. After staring at each other for a second, my daughter and the other little girl ran off together and played together for a long time. They laughed and pointed and it made my heart so happy. We all know the world would be such a more beautiful place if people totally accepted those that didn’t look like, speak like or think like themselves. Making sure our children have these experiences from a young age is a definite parenting goal.”


The Chow Family in Bali, Indonesia
Flytographer Bayu & Ivony