Your Vacation Photographer in Shanghai: Meet Erica

Meet Erica

My work is all about connection and emotion and the tender beauty of the everyday. I'm interested in the fleeting moments that are so evocative of time, place and feeling, and work to capture these fragments of our wonderful ordinary lives. Photographing families is my first love. When time permits, I travel out into the field shooting for magazines and social organisations.

Three Things

  1. I love naps in crisp afternoon light; Leonard Cohen; a good book and a cup of tea; getting lost and found again in my adopted city; conversations with friends where you open your heart and show your guts; riding bikes with my family; searching out new cafes and looking for the best jianbing in the city.
  2. I believe that you can turn on some good tunes and the whole world becomes brighter.
  3. Fun fact: everyone in my family was born in a different country. I'm from Canada, my husband is Swiss, and our kids were born in Japan, Indonesia, and China.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Shanghai
I love the former French Concession, especially near Anfu Lu and Wukang Lu. I also love shooting in the forgotten back alleys of the city around Suzhou Creek.

Languages Spoken
English & French