Is there anything better than filling up the car with cozy blankets, a full tank of gas and most importantly, plenty of snacks for a road trip with your loved ones? 

From the east coast to the west coast, and the midwest to the southwest, we’ve rounded up some of the most epic road trips across the US! Whether you prefer city-hopping or reconnecting with nature, there’s a road trip route here for everyone. So grab the essentials, your comfiest crewneck and road trip tote, and let’s drive!


Clocking in with just over 5 hours’ of drive time, this itinerary gives way for plenty of exploring along the eastern coastline. Start your trip with a lively stay in Manhattan before trading the hustle-and-bustle of the city for a relaxing and quiet drive north. Make your way along the winding coastline with stops in quaint towns like New Haven, Mystic and Cape Cod. Dune-lined beaches and quiet seaside cottages make them timeless, family-friendly destinations. If this sounds like your kind of detour, check out our Local’s Guide to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Head back into the city to spend the day wandering the cobblestoned streets of historic Boston, where small-town vibes still permeate this cultural capital. As you continue up the coast, be sure to make a stop in the birthplace of Charles Dickens. This elegant port town is known for its arts and food scene. There is no better end to your east coast road trip than in the folksy city of Portland, Maine, where you’re seemingly only a stone’s throw away from both fresh fish and banjos at all times. Live music, a sail in the harbour, and washing down fish fry with a cold beer is all in a day’s work for Portland’s hip residents – and we’re taking notes!

What is the best road trip route on the East Coast of the USA?

  1. Manhattan
  2. New Haven
  3. Mystic
  4. Cape Cod (Martha’s Vineyard + Nantucket)
  5. Boston
  6. Portland


One of the most well-known and picturesque drives in the US is Highway 1, and we’d be remiss not to include this 656 mile drive of endless beauty along the California coastline, which includes stops in quirky San Francisco and glamorous Los Angeles. Heading up the coast, stop at a vineyard in Napa Valley for a wine tasting. Our favourite drive however, is through the unparalleled Pacific Northwest region, and you’ll see why we’re biased soon! Start your trip in Portland, where “weird” is a lifestyle taken seriously. When passing the Oregon Coast, make sure to stop to admire the scenery at Canon Beach. Grab a gourmet coffee before heading north to Seattle, where you can watch fish fly at Pike’s Place Market or enjoy a 360° view of the city from the Space Needle. 

Where is the best road trip route along the west coast of the USA?

  1. San Francisco
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Napa Valley
  4. Portland
  5. Seattle

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For the outdoorsy traveller with a dream of road-tripping in an RV, the Great American Southwest is the region for you. Start your adventure in the sunny, desert metropolis of Phoenix and Scottsdale, where you can get familiar with the landscape’s flora and fauna at the Desert Botanical Garden. Along the way North, stop in the vortex of Sedona for some tasty Mexican Food and a Pink Jeep Tour. Next up is the sprawling Grand Canyon. You could easily spend your entire trip exploring this immense UNESCO World Heritage Site, but we recommend exploring the South Rim. Next on the itinerary is  the gateway to natural wonders – the famous Horseshoe Bend. Speaking of unforgettable, pass through St. George because Zion National Park is a must-add to your bucket list. We recommend spending at least one full day hiking (pack plenty of water in your tote!) and one night camping as you take in the soaring cliffs and magical landscape. At the end of your trip, treat yourself to fine dining, entertainment, and a stay in a luxury hotel in glitzy Las Vegas.

Where is the best road trip route in the southwest of the USA?

  1. Phoenix (+ Scottsdale
  2. Sedona
  3. Grand Canyon
  4. St. George
  5. Las Vegas


This under-the-radar region is more than just Flyover Country. Start your trip in Ohio’s capital city, Columbus, where nearly 60,000 students bring a creative food and arts scene and a lively atmosphere. Is there any road trip more classic than a drive down one of the first continuous stretches of paved highway? We’re talking about Route 66, of course! Take a drive through America’s Breadbasket to Kansas City, where you can shop from local farmers and artists at City Market, and explore the myriad of speakeasies and jazz clubs that come alive as the sun goes down. Whether you are an architecture buff, gallerista, foodie, or simply looking for an urbane holiday, the Windy City of Chicago is a great bet. Then drive from Chicago to Minneapolis to experience “Minnesota Nice” for yourself. Finally if you’re looking for simplicity, opt for the Lake Superior Circle Tour; this long but easy journey along the Minnesota, Ontario, Michigan and Wisconsin shores offer nothing but charming towns, friendly locals and endless Great Lakes scenery.

Where is the best road trip route in the midwest of the USA?

  1. Columbus
  2. Kansas City
  3. Minneapolis
  4. Chicago

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