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Top 5 Design Destinations to Visit in 2018

Are you someone who bases your trips around discovering the most thoughtful, innovative and aesthetically-stimulating ideas in the world? Check out our five favourite destinations for satisfying that ever-present design-lust in your traveller’s heart.

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Food & Fun at La Merced

La Merced is Mexico City’s oldest and largest food market, and an adventure in itself. Divided into seven zones, each dedicated to a specific type of food, the market covers nearly a mile and is bustling with vendors and shoppers all day long. Stock up on every possible type of chile, cactus, meat and vegetable for a traditional Mexican feast, or keep it simple and order from one of the many food kiosks, as Michael and Joanie did when they met with Flytographer Valeria for an early-morning market shoot.

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Interview: First Class Travel Style

One beloved customer, Nicole of First-Class Belongings, not only allows us to document her vacations to gorgeous destinations, but takes us on a timeless journey through her fashion and location choices. In today’s post, we’ve asked Nicole to share some of her thoughts and motivations behind her very fashionable travels.

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50+ Tips On How To Look Amazing in Photos 📸

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