Mexico is pure bliss, adrenaline and excitement just waiting for you – here are our best packing hacks so you can get going already!

From walking along the stunning beaches of the Riviera Maya, to dancing in the lively streets of Mexico City, to exploring the colourful architecture of San Miguel de Allende, every type of traveller can easily find something to love about this vibrant country. With such an incredible variety of activities and places to choose from, here are our favourite hacks to take your suitcase and vacation to the next level.

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For those who love the beach…

From Cabo San Lucas down to Playa del Carmen, the beaches of Mexico are absolutely picturesque. There’s magic to be found both above and below the water, so don’t forget a waterproof phone case or an underwater camera to capture it all. Protect your skin with eco-friendly SPF that won’t harm the ocean we love, and you’ll also protect your wallet, as sunscreen prices are notoriously high tourist destinations. A wide-brim floppy hat provides additional sun protection, as well as being the perfect accessory to your “beach-stagrams” (yep, we just created that word)! Choose a packable option so you don’t have to worry about crushing it in the overhead bin on your flight or stuffing it in your beach bag. Don’t forget a few clothespins, so you don’t lose your swimsuit to the wind as it’s hanging on the balcony to dry. Finally, if an expensive spa treatment isn’t your priority on vacation, you can still indulge in some serious self-care. Pack travel-sized hair masks, sheet masks, aloe vera, and most importantly, order some room service to rejuvinate your body after a long day in the Mexican sunshine.

For those who love adventure…

If you prefer to trade laying on the beach for something with more adrenaline, Mexico has plenty of adventure to offer. Be sure to pack cute-yet-functional shoes like Tevas or Chacos. They’re great for dancing down the streets of Puerto Vallarta or exploring the ancient ruins just outside of Tulum, all while keeping you Instagram-ready. A stylish, packable windbreaker is especially important if you’re visiting during the rainy season, and it can also protect you from bugs if you forgot your eco-friendly insect repellent while chasing waterfalls through the jungle. Packing cubes not only keep you organized, but if you’re a traveller who likes to visit a couple different cities while you travel, you can easily keep your clean and dirty clothes separate in your suitcase. Whether you prefer to get your heart pumping by ziplining, parasailing, hiking or four-wheeling, your GoPro can capture it all!

Couple holding each other on the beach watching the sunset in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
couple holding hands walking down the beach in Tulum, Mexico

For those who love the city…

Cobblestoned streets, charming cafes and winding alleyways are waiting to greet you, whether you’re exploring the massive Mexico City or the tiny town of San Miguel de Allende. You’ll always be market ready with a reusable canvas tote bag (this one supports charity: water!) to carry everything from local produce to fresh flowers to unique souvenirs. Pack airy dresses to keep you cool while looking cool, and opt for winkle-free fabrics if you can’t fit a travel steamer. While fanny packs used to be a big fashion faux pas, they’re now both trendy and the perfect travel accessory! Whether you’re sporty or chic, fanny packs are ideal for deterring pickpocketers and conveniently holding your wallet, keys and phone. For the photo-loving travellers who love tangible momentos (and can’t wait for their amazing Flytographer photos to arrive!), an Instax Mini is an adorable travel companion to throw in your purse for those photo-worthy moments.


couple being plyaful holding hands walking in Mexico, City

However, our best packing hack of all is packing an outfit you feel amazing in for a Flytographer vacation shoot with one of our talented local photographers for the best travel souvenir!

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