Remember Melany, the widow who decided to stop waiting around for her friends to travel with her and to go see the world by herself for the first time? She was one of the most inspiring travellers we captured last year and she hasn’t stopped since that magical trip filled with canals and windmills. This year, she discovered Cape Town’s beauty and shares her biggest travel-related fear with us.

How did I go from barefoot hippie to 58-year-old widow who saves the elastic band off the broccoli? Last April, I went solo travelling to Amsterdam and stared in awe at the canals and windmills. So many people asked me why I wasn’t afraid to travel alone.

“This year, I went to Cape Town and stood where two oceans meet. As I stood there amidst the ocean spray at the very tip of Africa, I started to cry because I realized I was afraid. I was afraid I had started seeing the world too late and I would run out of time. I can’t thank you enough, Flytographer, for coming with me on my journey.  Thank you for chronicling this part of my life. Your photos say, ‘I was here and I’m happy.’” – Melany