Your Vacation Photographer in Cape Town: Meet Alicia

Meet Alicia

Alicia is available for shoots in Cape Town, Stellenbosch and surrounding winelands as well the Northern and Southern Suburbs.

I am a creative and passionate photographer with a love of nature, gorgeous sunsets, city lights, spring rolls and anything bohemian. My style can be described as light, natural, crisp and romantic. I strive to leave each client with a little piece of magic to take home, a unique moment beautifully captured while you relax and have fun. I have also been featured on wedding blogs such as Southbound Bride, Oh Darling Days, Mooi Troues, Lovilee and Barefoot Bride and recently did a shoot for Sarie Woon Magazine.

Three Things

  1. I always wanted to be a photographer, but ended up getting a degree in drama instead when my parents told me to get a 'real degree'. After that, I decided to travel and work in London in order to fund a degree in photography and my first camera. I have never stopped doing what I love since.
  2. I love to explore new places, find antique shops, go wine tasting with friends or try new restaurants (I recently discovered dim sum!). 
  3. My friends tell me that I have a funny chipmunk smile when others photograph me! My smile is perfectly normal until someone pulls out a camera, which is really funny because I am very good at bringing gorgeous smiles out in others. Guess I belong behind the lens :)

Favourite Place to Shoot in Cape Town
My favourite place to shoot is Rustenberg wine farm - it has the most gorgeous garden I've ever seen and I've been known to call it my happy place. Another favourite is Lion's Head because of the gorgeous view of Table Mountain!

Languages Spoken
English, Afrikaans

Plan your trip with Alicia's Guide to Cape Town

Customer Love for Alicia

"Our photographer, Alicia, showed up energized and excited to capture us. She was incredibly friendly and lead us to the best places in Kirstenbosch to take pictures. Throughout the shoot, she consistently helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera and always gave advice on how we should pose. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a fun shoot with fantastic results." - Ally

"Alicia was so easy to work with and made the experience a great one. We LOVE the photos she took and are so glad we have these amazing photos of our dream vacation to South Africa." - Mallory

"Alicia was amazing. We got along almost instantly. She made us feel at ease all through the shoot. Thank you Alicia for the beautiful pictures and team Flytographer for such impeccable service." - Neha (see blog post here)

"Alicia was so fun to work with.  She had some creative ideas for shots that made capturing the experience and memory of the winelands everything I hoped." - Rachelle

"Alicia was very warm and friendly and made us feel comfortable when we were being photographed. it was a fun experience." - Amanda

"Alicia was a wonderful photographer. She was so nice and professional! We loved our pictures." - Lauren

"Alicia was so wonderful! The photographs are amazing and I am so thankful to Alicia for capturing this special time for us." - Sara

"Alicia was so sweet and made it fun, even for my husband who HATES taking pictures! We didn't do anything awkward and posed... we just enjoyed the beach in Cape Town and she captured our honeymoon perfectly!" - Alison

"Alicia was just the best! We had a lot of fun and the Photos are amazing!!" - Kerstin

"Alicia was just incredible. Relaxed , fun! She had an eye for most spectacular shots. We felt so natural and at ease. It was really windy at the beach but when seeing the pictures - we just saw calm and peace. She was so accommodating and we are so grateful." - VV

"It has been a wonderful experience with Alicia and the whole Flytographer team! We received helpful tips and Alicia made this a fun time. I recommend it if you want beautiful and once-in-a-lifetime shots of your vacation!" - Angelika

"Alicia was so much fun. I can tell she really loves what she does. She is one of the reasons I'd return, just to take more pictures!" - Tina