Aura not only surprised her younger sister Emilija with a birthday trip to Rome, she also surprised her formerly camera-shy sister with a Flytographer shoot! After all, what are sisters for? Read on for the details of their weekend trip to Rome.

Sisters sitting on wall ledge smiling on a family trip in Rome, Italy
Sisters standing together on walkway in autumn on a family trip in Rome, Italy

“My sister found out about the surprise destination at the airport as I took her to the gate. She hasn’t visited Rome before, yet as a vegan foodie she has kept this city on her radar as a weekend destination. Thus, while in Rome, we enjoyed up-and-coming vegan restaurants. Ops! became our favourite place to eat out and lounge. We also grabbed several flavourful vegan cheeses from Dall’Albero to bring back home.

Sisters standing against a feature graffitti doorway together on a family trip in Rome, Italy
Sisters sitting at a cafe table together on a family trip in Rome, Italy

“Nevertheless, dining wasn’t the only enjoyable experience while in Rome. We also rented the awkward squeaky two-people bike at Villa Borghese, enjoyed the art, and, of course, roamed the cozy streets (and roofs) of Trastevere while Roberta documented our camera-shy-to-camera-friendly experience. The photo shoot too was a surprise present to my sister, whose buttons I love to press every now and then. I am a strong believer that travel and experiences build character and open one’s eyes and I love the fact that Roberta has beautifully captured a part of it. Thanks Roberta! You are amazing!” – Aura

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