One of the greatest joys of what we do here at Flytographer are the connections we facilitate between our clients, our photographers and the community we’ve built around these connections. We consider ourselves incredibly privileged and feel so honoured to play a part in telling, sharing, and preserving these stories for years to come. Read on for just one of these very touching stories of love and perseverance.

“It was one year ago that we stood under a magnificent tree close to our home, surrounded by friends and family, and said, ‘Yes.’ Actually, I shouted it. And now we were in Mallorca on our honeymoon, ready to celebrate our first year as wife and wife.

“As you might know, getting to the point where you want to commit to a life together with that special person isn’t always easy. There are ups and downs, magic sparkles, but sometimes dull and big hurdles. Our story is like that, too, but maybe we had different obstacles.

“To us, capturing the big moments in life through images is essential. To be able to look at a moment in time and remember the feeling of love and happiness, to feel it, smell it and sense it is vital. We had a photographer with us when we got married and it made sense to have Flytographer help us freeze some moments of this part of our journey, too.

“Getting from where we were to where we are today took a lot of strength, courage and love and we really wanted to celebrate that during this trip. If you look at our wedding bands, you’ll read: We are unbreakable. And that is a good way to describe us.

“We are from a very forward-thinking part of the world, but we know that many parts of the world are not like this. My wife was born a boy and she was my boyfriend for the better part of two years. Our hurdles as a couple were different than most, and marriage and a honeymoon didn’t always feel like it would be in the future for us. Norms and the way we challenge them became essential to our struggle and finally we got to a place of triumph, rather than just pushing through hurdles every day.

“To us, this trip was about that – triumph and love, being able to walk hand in hand and just be ourselves without labels, to not feel fear or anxiety, to just be safe and loved.

Palma de Mallorca and Cala Mesquida gave us just that and Emma and Flytographer were there to capture it. Emma’s images and her help during the shoot were more than we could ask for. We loved every part of this experience and through dark winter days, we will look back at our bare feet in the sand and remember the warmth and love. Thank you!” – Linda

 Flytographer:  Emma in Palma de Mallorca

Flytographer: Emma in Palma de Mallorca

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