From the sandy, romantic beaches of Cape Cod, USA, to staggering heights and stunning viewpoints all across Europe, our favourite proposal moments in August took us on one beautiful ride.

1. Dominic and Deanna in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Marta

2. Tyler and Kelsey in Rome, Italy
Flytographer Roberta

3. Adam and Megan in French Riviera, France
Flytographer Gaetan

4. Wesley and Ning in Santorini, Greece
Flytographer Ioannis

5. Matt and Milly in Ravello, Italy
Flytographers Mary and Maurizio

 6. Flytographer Siza in Venice, Italy

7. Brian and Allison in Cape Cod, USA
Flytographer Cathie

8. Marcos and Bibiana in Quebec City, Canada
Flytographer Francis

9. Adam and Leilyn in Vancouver, Canada
Flytographer Jessica

10. Anthony and Brittany in Anchorage, USA
Flytographer Anne Marie

11. Robin and Yoana in Paris, France
Flytographer Olga

12. Gabriel and Stephanie in Paris, France
Flytographer Krystal

13. Joe and Jessica in Lisbon, Portugal
Flytographer Claudia

14. Ashwin and Meenakshi in San Jose, Costa Rica
Flytographer Raquel

15. Nick and Rayni in Los Angeles, USA
Flytographer Martina

16. Chris and Jasmine in Paris, France

Flytographer Lucille

17. Toine and Laura in Budapest, Hungary
Flytographer Roky

18. Sasi and Shili in Florence, Italy
Flytographer Sonya

19. Nick and Courtney in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Siza

20. Tim and Sara in Bermuda
Flytographer Melanie

21. Lukas and Amy in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Serena

22. Matthew and Katie in Anaheim, USA
Flytographer Samantha

23. Connor and Abby in Chicago, USA
Flytographer Lukas

24. Jairo and Joanna in Florence, Italy
Flytographer Alberto

25. Timothy and Kumarie in Barcelona, Spain

Flytographer Orlando

26. Christopher and Yvette in Chicago, USA
Flytographer Michael

27. Mahmoud and Emily in Santorini, Greece

Flytographer in Santorini

28. Chris and Elizabeth in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Vito

29. Marcus and Jenny in Anaheim, USA

Flytographer Samantha

30. Corey and Shelly in Florence, Italy
Flytographer Paola