Your Vacation Photographer in Lisbon: Meet Claudia

Meet Cláudia

Your Vacation Photographer in Lisbon: Meet Claudia

Cláudia is also available for minimum 60-minute shoots in Sintra

I am a girly-girl and people person. I love people who are in love and that want to tell the world all about it. My style is casual and what you could call very feminine. I love details, sun flare, and capturing laughter and connection between my beautiful models.

Three Things

  1. I can't live without my beautiful baby girls (proud mamma!).
  2. My friends tell me I have a contagious laughter and smile.
  3. One secret: I love to dance, especially when no one's looking - it always makes me feel great!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Lisbon
I love to shoot on the city's belvederes. Lisbon has several beautiful hills and the belvederes bring out the most gorgeous sightings.

Languages Spoken
English, Portuguese, and I understand French and Spanish. I'm a bit rusty on my German, I must confess.

Customer love for Cláudia

"Claudia was absolutely amazing!!! She was sweet, knowledgable and really captured beautiful moments of my family and I." - Anita

"After viewing our gallery we are completely blown away. I'm not sure I can find words to adequately express how thrilled we are with our photos, how excited we are to share them with friends & family, and how beyond grateful we are to Claudia for spending a very memorable evening with us in Lisbon. Claudia did a phenomenal job. Claudia was very friendly, professional and incredibly talented! We loved exploring the narrow alleys of Alfama with her as she shared interesting pieces of history with us & snapped away!" - Marcia

"Claudia was an absolute joy to shoot with and made us feel VERY comfortable in a situation that can be a bit uncomfortable. She took us to the best spots in Lisbon that we never would have encountered otherwise, and gave us the absolute best recommendations for traveling the city! This was a truly special experience and it was all thanks to Claudia!" - Rosalia

"Claudia was brilliant. Her style worked well with ours and she instantly put us at ease and helped us feel welcome in her beautiful city. Her joyfulness and enthusiasm was really the best first impression we could've hoped for for our time in Lisbon, and I think that translates in her photos. She captured a perfect balance of our affection and playfulness, set among the moving and inspiring backdrop of Lisbon's architecture and gorgeous sunrise. We are both so happy with how they turned out and I loved creating that unique memory with (my partner) Stacy." - Joey

"Claudia is an amazing photographer. She made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera right off the bat. We had to deal with some pretty strong winds during our shoot, but Claudia made sure to get the perfect shots. We couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out!" - Allana

"We really had a great time with Claudia. She really understood what we had been looking for. I wanted to make beautiful memories of our 15th anniversary we were celebrating in Lisbon and my long time boyfriend proposed to me while shooting with Claudia at The Palacio da Pena in Sintra. What a surprise. Lucky for me, Claudia was there to captures theses precious memories." - Elise

"Claudia was fabulous. She had great locations picked out throughout the narrow windy roads of the Lisbon neighborhood! She went above and beyond; exceeded my expectations. Thanks, Claudia!" - Nick

"Claudia is an amazing photographer who took her time with us making sure every shot was special.  She was incredibly accommodating and her energy kept everyone (including our two little ones!) engaged.  Our photos are beautiful and memorable." - Nancy

"Claudia was fantastic. Being a fellow photographer, she knew how to direct me and we had an amazing time! She was so personable and the photos turned out wonderfully!" - Louisa

"Claudia was fantastic, love the photos from our babymoon, such a great experience!" - Tracy

"Claudia was absolutely amazing!!! She was sweet, knowledgable and really helped capture some beautiful moments and my family and I." - Anita 

"Claudia was fantastic, she was so patient with my kids and captured their little personalities perfectly. We absolutely fell in love with Lisbon and are so glad to have these amazing family photographs to remember our trip." - Clare