Your Vacation Photographer in Budapest: Meet Roky

Roky is available for shoots in Kuala Lumpur from November 1 - December 15, and unavailable in Budapest during this time.

Roky is available for shoots in Budapest and for 2 hour min outside the city (e.g vineyards, Lake Balaton)

Whether I'm shooting a family portrait, engagement or a full-day wedding, I believe it should just as much be about the experience as the photos themselves - that's why I try and make this a fun and relaxed time for you and focus on who you are. I got into photography because I love creating awesome stuff and photography makes it really easy for me to do that.

Three Things

  1. Nothing gives me more inspiration than to explore some place new and discover new foods & cultures. And when I can do both travelling and photography at the same time, that's the dream. 
  2. One thing I can't live without is food! I always go ahead and research the best breakfast places before discovering a new city.
  3. I use emoticons waaaay too much. :)

Favourite Place to Shoot in Budapest
Downtown Budapest (Jewish district, Danube riverbank) and locations that provide a bird's-eye view of the city (rooftop bars, Budapest Eye, church towers)

Languages Spoken
English, Hungarian

Customer Love for Roky

"Roky captured the moment perfectly and we couldn't be happier with the photos that we will certainly be sharing with family and friends! Roky was a great guide for us throughout the shoot and came across just as happy as we were. I would thoroughly recommend!" - Toine

"I really enjoyed my session with Roky. He instantly made me feel comfortable, and it was fun shooting with him - especially as he would talk about the light and show me the photos along the way. I enjoyed learning a bit about him and his home country. I highly recommend him - I love all the photos!" - Kiera (see blog post here)

"I can't stop looking at the photos again and again; they are more than what I expected -  amaaaaazinnng! I keep saying OMG with every photo. We love you Rocky ... you are super funny and creative!" - Fatima

"Roky is a very talented photographer. We loved each photo in our set! He is friendly and we easily got comfortable with him. We admire his keen attention to details and got inspired by his creativity. We liked how he handled a shy couple like us." - Dennen

"We cannot thank Roky enough for capturing such a special moment in our life! The pictures are amazing and we can't wait to share them all with our friends and family. We are very grateful!" - Sinead and Ash