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With New York City as their honeymoon destination, childhood sweethearts Chaney and Michael fulfilled a lifelong dream of celebrating their love in the Big Apple. Flytographer Johnny captured these sweet newlyweds as they explored the city that is forever in their hearts.

Their Story

“My husband and I became best friends when we were in sixth grade. Pretty early on in our friendship, I can remember talking with stars in our eyes about ‘city life’ and making promises of leaving our tiny Texas town to visit (and possibly move to) New York City together. It was years later – after we started officially dating, after college, and after our engagement –  that we made our first trip to New York City. From the moment we stepped off the plane, we were hooked.

“Fast forward a few months to our honeymoon-planning stage. We knew that we had to go back to New York City – too much nostalgia was at stake! We are still just as starry-eyed about city life as we were over 12 years ago. Austin, Texas is our home now (we did leave our tiny Texas town together and traded it for a larger one!), but we’ve made a promise to visit New York City at least once a year.  

“Picking one favourite memory from our New York City honeymoon is pretty difficult; however, we splurged on our last night in the city and took a sunset yacht cruise around the harbour. We chose a semi-private chartered option rather than the large, touristy boats that are available, and that made our experience unforgettable! Our cruise was very romantic, the yacht was beautiful and the crowd was small. We saved this for our last night in the city and it was so very romantic!

“With over 12 years of friendship between us, Michael and I have plenty of inside jokes and bonding experiences. One of the things we bonded over was the television series ‘The Office’ (the US one!). ‘The Office’ is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania – a short 2-hour trip from NYC. We decided to take a day from our week-long NYC trip to head over to Scranton and take photos with all of the iconic ‘The Office’ landmarks (and even try ‘Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe’ – the true fans will understand!). Our detour was hilarious, and people who have never seen the television show TOTALLY don’t get it – but it ended up being one of our favourite days!”

City Tips

“Explore the city on foot! There were a few nights when we were across the city at a bar or restaurant, or leaving a show, and we had the initial thought to hail a cab or get an Uber…but instead we just started walking. We stumbled across so many galleries, bookstores, and nooks in the city that we would have never found otherwise. I feel like I saw New York from the perspective of a local.

“Eating at Palma is now our little tradition – I think we even ordered the same dishes this time around. The back garden seating is ridiculously romantic, and the food is absolutely excellent! Also, frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity lives up to the hype – and we now make it as our own Christmas Eve tradition.

“Lastly, I highly recommend getting Flytographer to capture some of your time there – it was nice to have the professional-quality pictures in some of our favourite areas.”

 Flytographer:  Johnny in NYC

Flytographer: Johnny in NYC

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