So, you want to capture your next adventure with a vacation photo shoot, but you’re not sure where to go? We’re taking a look at our absolute favourite destinations around the world for vacation photography and letting you in on why they’re perfect for your very own photo shoot.

Amalfi Coast

With drop-dead gorgeous views (hello, pastel-hued homes perched around picturesque cliffs jutting straight into the glittering sea), it’s hard to find a more romantic vacation destination than the Amalfi Coast. With views this stunning, it’d be a shame if your only photos of your time spent here were not-so-flattering arm’s length selfies, no?


The excitement of discovering Barcelona is multi-faceted. There’s the almost too-beautiful-to-believe architecture (we’re looking at you, Gaudí) and then there are the winding streets, you know, the ones where you can’t see what’s ahead until you turn the corner. That magical sense of discovery is something worth capturing so you can remember that feeling for years to come.


London is one of those destinations that will always be a classic. From the city’s iconic landmarks, such as Tower Bridge and Big Ben, to the smaller sights that make London so characteristically, well, London (ahem, bright red double-decker buses), seeing the city in person is magical. Trust us, the guidebooks have nothing on London’s good looks in person.

New York City

The magic of New York City is palpable. Whether you’re a kid experiencing the lights of Times Square for the first time or an adult who just feels like a kid faced with something so spectacular, NYC has such a diversity of neighbourhoods and nooks that it’s hard to pick a favourite. We suggest you try though, and after you book a photo shoot there? You’ll have memories of your own little slice of NYC forever.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting Paris for the Eiffel Tower or to carve out your own offbeat path, the rich history of this city is so deserving of beautiful photos. Even the tiniest little sidewalk cafés in Paris exude charm. Go there, experience the unique allure of Paris, and bring a tiny bit of that charm back with you in your very own vacation gallery.


Ancient wonders are seemingly everywhere in Rome…and so are bustling piazzas (perfect for people watching) and incredible cuisine. Rome is basically the whole package. To truly capture Rome’s magic, we recommend waking up with the sun and capturing some of the city’s magic before it comes to life for the day because dancing around a piazza with no one else around? Well, how can you beat that for a memorable vacation moment?


There’s a different pace to life on the Greek islands and we’re all about embracing it. Slow down, relax, take in the views, and enjoy the moment because that’s what island life is all about. That relaxed pace is the perfect excuse for a photo shoot (besides capturing those vibrant blue-domed roofs, of course). Our favourite tip for a successful photo shoot is to relax and enjoy the experience. In Santorini, you won’t even have to try.


The best thing about Tokyo is you don’t have to choose between a modern urban destination or one steeped in history. The dichotomy present in this vibrant Japanese city means you can have both! We just love the extra liveliness this lends to our Tokyo vacation shoots!


Endless canals crossed by way of beautifully arched bridges — it’s what Venice is known for. What makes this city even more ideal for vacation photography is the absolute lack of automobile traffic. Wander the streets, delight in their beauty, and enjoy the peace of Venice’s car-free streets (as well as your blissfully car-free photos later).