The Irish capital is full of history, charm and fun. Stop for a pint of Guinness (and a probable chat with a local) in between visits to Dublin’s many historic sites, or live it up in this modern city, overflowing with top restaurants, world-class entertainment and cultural offerings. Enjoying a Renaissance of sorts, the city is a sure-fire winner on any traveller’s agenda. Read on for the best places to take photos in Dublin.

Temple Bar

Explore the funky pubs of Dublin with a trip through the Temple Bar area’s cobblestone streets and ivy-covered facades. Live music, packed pubs, colourful buildings, and quirky boutiques are all part of this area’s charm.

Dublin Castle

Take a step back in time at the medieval Dublin Castle, which has served multiple roles throughout time: a defensive fortification, the royal residence, Dublin’s city administration, courts of justice, and of course, a romantic place for a stroll amid stunning architecture.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Founded in 1191, the impressive St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest (and oldest) church in Ireland. Be sure to explore its stunning Gothic architecture, both inside and outside. Added bonus for all you bibliophiles out there: Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels, is buried here.

Ha’penny Bridge

After Dublin’s ferries fell into disrepair, the scenic Ha’Penny Bridge was built. The pedestrian bridge’s official name is the Liffey Bridge, but because its owner was able to charge a toll of a ha’penny for 100 years after its construction, well, the name stuck.