Celebrate the nostalgia of Barbie with your BFFs

One of the best parts about being best friends is letting loose and having a blast with people who can similarly let their hair down for a good time, anytime! 👯 Finding a reason to celebrate is half the fun (like going to see the new Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie movie!), and giiiiirl, do we have a summer day/night plan to share with you today. Here at ​​Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. Today, we want to take you behind the scenes of a super-fun, Barbie photoshoot and offer our photographer-approved tips on how to capture the magic with your bestie/besties! 💗


(A little sneak peek just for you 😊)

  1. Planning together beforehand – start with a conversation and a vision board and get Barbie-prepping!
  2. Shopping for Barbiecore aesthetic – whether you’re going all out, window shopping, or just shopping in each other’s closets, busting out your Barbiecore best can be an all-encompassing experience (with or without a bonus spa day!).
  3. Capture memories together – don’t let your efforts go undocumented! Capture your efforts in front of the camera with these tips and poses.
  4. Get some pink drinks – cool down with some pink drinks you’ve crafted yourself or at your favourite brunch locale or bar(bie).
  5. See the Barbie movie – the true culmination of all this Barbie prep ends at the theatre with the Barbie movie!

1. Planning together beforehand

One of the iconic mainstays of having a BFF is pulling off wild and crazy plans that break you and your bestie from the monotony of life, e.g., a perfectly pink GNO that just happens to throw in a little Ryan Gosling six-pack vibe and Margot Robbie style. 😘 Whether you and your bestie met as adults, or your friendship goes way back to the good ol’ days, building and celebrating nostalgia, inner-childhood enthusiasm, plus some great clothes can only add to the fun, right? 💁‍♀️

Planning your Barbie girl party day doesn’t need to take place in Malibu (although, if you happen to snag a resy at the Barbie Dreamhouse, contact us immediately. 😜) First, start the convo with your besties via group friend chat or Instagram. 📲 Second, be sure to make a vision board! 👩‍💻 This can easily take place via a Pinterest board, or for an even more retro idea (whether this is laughable tells you each of our ages!), buy some magazines! Cut out magazine pics and words to create a physical vision board. (Adding this fun GNO activity prior to your big Barbie day is even better with a glass of Rosé, FYI. 🍷) Doing this prep work is not only a good time, but it’ll also help with inspiration for outfits, props and location.

If, by some magical chance, this Barbie bonanza coincides with a birthday, well hello, even better! 😱 A Barbie Happy Birthday Party, plus a birthday girl (or birthday Ken!), birthday decorations, and who could forget a birthday outfit fit for a Barbie dream, takes the Barbie cake. 🎂 (Just throwing that out there. We’re suckers for a good theme. 🥳)

2. Shopping for Barbiecore aesthetic

What Barbie party would feel complete without some shopping? 🛍 (Obvs).

Nailing the Barbiecore aesthetic doesn’t need to be pricey, but it should be fun. Whether you’re properly shopping or just window shopping, channeling your inner Barbie-girl vibe is a must. 👙 For cheap and easy props, be sure to make a mall stop at Claire’s (#throwback!), Urban Outfitters, or hit up a thrift store for hot pink accessories like necklaces, purses, bows, and even props or party decorations! 👛

Barbie Outfit Ideas:

  • Pink bomber jacket
  • Pink & yellow rollerblading outfit (brownie points for visors!)
  • Chunky headband
  • Royal blue & hot pink chiffon dress 
  • Pink heels

Ken Outfit Ideas:

  • Mint green button-down t-shirt (partially unbuttoned 😉)
  • Pink crewneck (tied around neck!)

Don’t forget you can shop in your closets and make a night of prepping prop ideas! 💖 Whether it’s finding them, collecting them, or making them, it all adds to the aesthetic.

Prop ideas:

  • Pink clutch
  • Pink convertible/car
  • Barbie doll
  • Photo booth-type props
  • Roller skates or blades
  • Fun heart-shaped sunglasses
  • Pink rotary phone
  • Pink microphone (karaoke machine would be a bonus!)
  • Barbie notebook & pen

Another fun idea to add to your shopping day is to get your hair and/or nails done together or create your own spa day and do each other’s hair and nails. 💅 Remember—this doesn’t need to be expensive, but it should be oh-so on-brand, so get creative.

Need more outfit inspo? 🎀 Be sure to read our official Style Guide here and this post on 10 Stylish Photoshoot Outfits for any occasion (although they’re definitely on the more neutral side than the poppin’ pink party we’re talking a lot about in this current Barbie post!).

3. Capture memories together

Now that you’ve done all this (fun) work, it’s time to capture your diligent efforts. Take photos of each other with these tips! 🤳

First, find a location. When it comes to photography-backdrop ideas, look for the pink in your city (Los Angeles optional!). Pink walls, murals, buildings, shops or other businesses are perfect. Get out, explore, and think outside the Barbie box! 📸

Now, if you want everyone in the frame, hire a local Flytographer to capture the fun! 🙌 We, of course, love a good selfie like anyone else on TikTok, but even more than that, we love getting everyone in the frame and have a dreamy batch of local professional photographers who are trending in their own rights! Especially if you’ve gone through the work of making Mattel magic with our Barbie tips, might we recommend a pro to capture your sweet setup? Besties deserve beautiful photos together!

Channel your childhood creativity with these Barbie-approved poses and photoshoot ideas:

  • The Flamingo
  • The Catwalk
  • Hi, Barbie!
  • The Casual Lean

Hot tip! For more about what you can expect behind the scenes at a Flytographer photo shoot, be sure to read this post. 👍

4. Get some pink drinks

Now that you’re high-heel deep 👠 in Barbie-ness, it’s time for a cool down in the form of drinks. Cool down post Barbie photoshoot or pre-movie with pink drinks! If you’re on a planning high, you can keep the beach ball rolling and even plan a Barbie-inspired cocktail party! 🧉 This party can be to celebrate the release of the Barbie movie or all your Barbie efforts. 🪩 A quick Pinterest search can lead to endless fun pink drinks—both alcoholic and non-alcoholic—that fit the bill of fun no matter who is attending and celebrating their inner Barbie girl. If you’re feeling puckered out, visit your fave brunch locale, or source an ultra-chic bar where you can really nail the pink Bar-bie theme!

5. See the Barbie movie

We would be remiss not to include the most important piece and the reason why we’re so stoked about all this Barbie-ness: seeing the Barbie movie together! 🎟 Any or all of this Barbie prep creates the perfect day when it ends at the theatre. 🎬 Wear your best pops of hot pink, and pile in the theatre with your bestie(s) for a Barbie movie culmination celebration!

Reliving childhood joy

So many of us have a happy, dreamy association with childhood that includes Barbie. From the dolls to the clothes to the accessories, Barbie brings us back to inner joy, and that’s a cause for celebration. 💘

We hope you and your Barbie besties have some summertime fun and that we’ve inspired you to go out and celebrate! (Happy bonus: you’re a few months ahead of the gate when it comes to your Halloween costume!). Capture memories of everyone in the frame by booking a Flytographer for a Barbie photoshoot.

C’mon Barbie, let’s go party!