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6 Places That Are Still Hot in October

Trade your fall scarves for summer shorts and leave those jackets behind – we’ve got the scoop on amazing destinations for those who love the heat! If your ideal day is dozing under the hot sun and drinking an iced coffee without judgement, don’t let something as simple as the changing seasons stop you. While the coming winter may be inevitable, there are plenty of incredible destinations around the world where the summer heats sticks around just a bit longer. For now, leave your puffy coats in storage and book a ticket to one of these still-hot destinations in...

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The Best Day Trips to Take in Cabo

Spoiler Alert: There will be camels. Wanting to meet up with friends or family in “Cabo”? First, a quick Mexican geography lesson: “cabo” means “cape” in Spanish and cabo can refer to the town of Cabo San Lucas, or its sister city, San Jose del Cabo. The two share a coastline, and San Jose Del Cabo is about a 30-minute drive northeast from Cabo San Lucas. Both are on the cape of the Baja California peninsula and together these cities are an area called Los Cabos, a.k.a. “Cabo.” Now that we’ve got that sorted, the real fun can begin....

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Should I go to Playa del Carmen, Cancún, or Tulum?

If aquamarine waters, powder white sand and the savory smell of cochinita pibil sounds like heaven, it’s time to book a trip to Mexico. Whether you’re heading to this stunning country for a romantic getaway, an exciting family vacation, or an adventure with friends, Mexico has something for everyone. While there’s truly no wrong way to go if you’re looking for a balance of culture, local food, and relaxing beaches, each of these three towns has a unique vibe. We’re here to help you decide if Cancún, Playa del Carmen, or Tulum is right for you… but if you...

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Planning the Perfect Secret Proposal Shoot

We’ve rounded up our top tips from capturing thousands of proposals across the globe for a picture-perfect proposal For your romantic partner to officially become your life partner, it requires one big question. Where time stops, sparks fly and the moment ends with a joyful YES! But it’s also only four words – “Will you marry me?” – that last a mere, heart-stopping couple of seconds. We’ve heard too many times from couples that in the moment itself, they were overcome with joy, surprise and shock that they “blacked out” and couldn’t remember anything that happened! Planning a proposal...

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Best Restaurants in Barcelona

Make some room in the itinerary, here are the city’s must-visit restaurants. The energy, the architecture, the food! It’s hard to beat a getaway to Spain’s Catelonian capital, Barcelona. We love to do a bit of foodie scouting before we hit a destination. This way you can pick out a few top spots you really want to go to (and make reservations if needed) before everyone gets tired and hungry walking up and down Las Ramblas. So here you have it, our list of everything wild and wonderful you have to eat while you’re in Barcelona. PHOTOGRAPHERS IN BARCELONA...

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