Author: Metka Lazar

Make 2020 a travel year to remember

The roaring twenties are back, now with the convenience of Google Maps and translation apps. Make sure 2020 is a year of travel you’ll never forget!  Here are a few ideas to help make this your best decade of travel yet:  Make a roaring twenties travel bucket list jar. Is your “must go” list ever growing? Do you have a hard time deciding where to visit next? Embrace spontaneity and plan your next vacation with the luck of the draw.  Step 1: Find yourself a bowl or jar that you don’t mind looking at.  Step 2: Write down all the...

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Flytographer’s Top Photos of 2019

Until we acquire the technology to beam every single stunning photo taken this past year directly into your mind, we’ve rounded up our favourite moments in a good old-fashioned blog post. Prepare your eyes and emotions for our favourite photos and stories of 2019! Thousands of magical memories have been captured across the world in 2019, and it’s safe to say our bucket list of cities and experiences grows with every photo shoot that crosses our screens. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite moments that have made us laugh, cry and generally experience a rollercoaster of joyful emotions...

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Best of the Decade! Our Top 30

With over two million memories captured to date, that’s a whole lot of incredible, once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable moments. From tear-jerking proposals to adventurous solo trips, romantic honeymoons to blissful babymoons, we love capturing the magic that happens on the amazing trips around the world every single day. There are a few memories that have truly stood the test of time that we just can’t help coming back to again and again. From risking it all for love to adventuring to far-off lands, these travellers have inspired us with their bold passion for travel. Without further ado, here are our best...

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The Top 20 Honeymoon Photos of 2019

Photo: Vito in Venice for Flytographer Photo: Mint in Chiang Mai for Flytographer Photo: Amelia in Buenos Aires for Flytographer Favourite Memory: “We went to Punte Del Este, Uruguay for the beach and Buenos Aires, Argentina for the food, city, and culture. Our favourite memory was taking tango lessons and then attending a live tango show with live music.” Inspiration: “We wanted to go to a new continent with a little bit of adventure and some relaxation. What better place then Buenos Aires for Malbec wine and steak – 2 of our favourite things in the world. [It’s called]...

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The Top 15 Babymoon Photos of 2019

These couples stole away on one last romantic vacation as a family of two before their little one made their grand debut into the world. Pregnancy is a fleeting time (although the mamas-to-be may beg to differ!), and we love seeing how couples celebrate with one last relaxing getaway before their family grows by one. From Lisbon to San Diego, our couples have chosen some of the most beautiful destinations in the world to share some peace and quiet together. Whether they’ve had kids for years or they’re just about to begin their journey into the world of parenting, this...

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