Best Things to Do and See in London!

London is a city so rich in history and culture that it can conjure images of an entire country encapsulated in one place. From its cobblestone and brick streets to its parks and museums, this city makes you feel like a royal yourself just by being there. So grab a ‘cuppa’ and sit with me while we explore some of the most wonderful things you can do in this city that is the capital of both England and the United Kingdom and that exerts worldwide influence on the arts, business, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, research and development, and transportation.

You may want to begin your visit at the official royal residence itself, Buckingham Palace, where the changing of the guards is a sight to behold. This ceremonious spectacle is unlike anything you can see on trips to other countries and is a reminder of a monarchy that is still prevalent today. The palace is the home of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and two of their four children, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, and Edward’s wife Sophie. Other royal residences in London include Clarence House (Prince Charles and Camilla), St. James’s Palace (Princess Anne and her husband Timothy), and Kensington Palace (Prince William and Kate).

A magical way to explore the ancient country of England is to hop from castle to castle, basking in the antiquity and culture. The monarchs of history have left behind their legacies in these stockades and stately structures. England invented castles as we in the West think of them today, and from Dover, Windsor, Leeds, and the Tower of London, the living situations of royals who have come and gone provide a historical lens for any vacation. They also make an amazing backdrop for photos!

Of course, don’t forget to visit Westminster Palace, its famous clock tower known as Big Ben, and the neighbouring Westminster Abbey. The City of Westminster borough in central London is also the location of the large historic public Trafalgar Square. In nearby Hyde Park, children will especially enjoy the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum. And in southeast London, visit the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, which defines the Prime Meridian, 0° longitude, and Greenwich Mean Time.

While you are in London, make sure you don’t miss out on treating yourself to afternoon tea. Feel like the Queen herself as you select the perfect blend of tea from vast selections to be paired perfectly with the treats of your choice. There is a dress code, naturally, so make sure you dress appropriately for the experience. There are lots of places to choose for your tea, but if you want somewhere with a royal warrant, we suggest a hotel like The Goring Hotel. This is a favorite of the royal family and has a lovely garden. You can even enjoy a game of croquet if weather permits.

The perfect way to top off your visit is with a ride on the iconic London Eye. Just remember, as English people love to remind visitors, it is not a Ferris wheel. Unlike the popular fair ride, the London Eye has only one spoke instead of two, so as not to interfere with the stunning view of its passengers. The best time of day to ride, if you can, would be sunset so you can view the sun setting over the water. We suggest paying a little extra for the fast-track option so you can skip to the front of the line and get the best spots. Otherwise, you should definitely get in early.

London has many things to offer that can impart a feeling of regality to anyone who visits. If you want to remember your visit to the capital and feel like part of the royal family, you should book one of our London Photographers now to snap gorgeous photos of you that will last a lifetime. After all, royalty doesn’t have to take their photos themselves!