Happy summer solstice! Now that summer has finally arrived, it means it is time for summer vacation. This is the time to relax, explore the world and create memories together as a family – it’s also the perfect opportunity to capture some epic photos of the kids! We’ve rounded up the best tips from professional photographers around the globe on getting the most amazing vacation photos with your family.

 Flytographer Goncalo B. in Lisbon Flytographer Goncalo B. in Lisbon

1. Get down on their level. “It’s important to get down on the kids’ level so that you aren’t shooting down at them, and also letting them have props and just do what they enjoy doing is a good idea.” – Dana in Budapest

Shooting from a lower angle is less intimidating for little ones, and also allows you to capture more of the scenery behind them!

 Flytographer Mayline in Mauritius Flytographer Mayline in Mauritius  

2. Keep it candid and capture the fun. “Encourage the kids to be kids! Let them run, jump, get dirty, and have fun.”Nicky in Lake Tahoe

Family in Honolulu

 Flytographer Harley in Honolulu  

“Always have them doing something. If they just have to stand still they will get bored. My favourite: let’s see who can jump the highest.”Nadine in Amsterdam

 Flytographer Katie in Los Angeles Flytographer Katie in Los Angeles  

3. Avoid the crowds (or at least make it look that way)! “A way to make a crowded place look like you are there alone is to change the point of view. Try to shoot from above or below, and move around until your subject will hide the other people around. You could also use a monument or wall to cover what you don’t want in your frame.”Roberta in Rome

Little girl running in Milan

 Flytographer Elena in Milan

4. Take advantage of jet lag. “When you’re dealing with jet lag, getting up extra early and catching the sunrise at major tourist spots will help you get photos with gorgeous light and fewer people around.”Tanja in Vancouver

 Flytographer Lucas in Kyoto Flytographer Lucas in Kyoto

5. Avoid harsh light. Mid-day sun can cause some serious squinting, shadows, and frowning faces – not fun! Try and find a spot in the shade to be able to capture your kid’s smiling face without the distraction of harsh light in their eyes.

Family in Venice Flytographer Marta in Venice

6. Let go of perfection. The aim of vacation photos isn’t to get the most perfect shot – it’s to capture the moment. What may seem like a less-than-stellar snap at the time can turn out to be a family favourite years down the road.

 Flytographer Cheryl in Ft. Lauderdale Flytographer Cheryl in Ft. Lauderdale  

7. Get yourself in the picture! Pass the camera over to someone else to make sure that there are plenty of photos with you actually in them. Down the road, you’ll be glad you took them!

 Flytographers Mary and Maurizio in Amalfi Coast Flytographers Mary and Maurizio in Amalfi Coast