Your Vacation Photographer in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale: Meet Cheryl

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl is available for shoots Miami to West Palm Beach


I'm fun loving, silly and I love meeting new people. I am inspired by sunlight, nature, flea markets, traveling and just spending time with my loved ones. I'm drawn in by the beauty of real and raw emotion. I shoot from the heart and I am passionate about taking images that you can feel the happiness in my subjects. I've been a photographer my whole life. From polaroid to my dad's 1970s film camera to digital, I have always had a camera in my hand. I am also a graphic and web designer.

Three Things

  1. I love doing anything in nature. I love to swim, hike, bike, travel and spend time with my baby girl.
  2. I couldn't live without my family!
  3. I used to be an exotic animal trainer for the movies in California. I trained grizzly bears, tigers, lions, monkeys, leopards and an elephant.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Florida
Right now I'm loving Deerfield Beach

Languages Spoken
English and some Spanish

Customer Love for Cheryl

"Cheryl was so sweet, took incredible images of us and we had a fantastic time. I knew it wouldn't be easy to capture the four of us, but she made it look easy. She even managed to get our two boys together in beautiful images. You gifted us with pictures we'll treasure forever!" - Jeanine

"Cheryl was fantastic. We really had a lot of fun together and she did an extremely good job. We wouldn´t have thought of anybody else than her. I can highly recommend Cheryl." - Patrick

"Cheryl made the proposal absolutely flawless - she perfectly captured one of the best days of our lives." - Jay

"Cheryl was just fantastic. She was really lovely and chill - just what we wanted. The photos are just totally perfect." - Paula

"Cheryl was so friendly and energetic - shooting 10 people from ages 6 months to 68 years is definitely a challenge and she did a fabulous job." - Carolyn

"Cheryl was better than I could have ever imagined. She was so flexible with our busy vacation schedule and guided us into the most flattering poses (not always easy when you feel like a balloon). I couldn't have asked for more and the photos came out better than I dreamed." - Jennifer

"Cheryl is an amazing photographer and was so fun and easy to work with." - Angela

"Cheryl was overtly professional and so accommodating with all of our requests. Her circus animal training skills were helpful herding our group of 19 from location to location for the perfect back drops." - Susan

"Cheryl was amazing to work with! She was fun, easy-going and totally played along with our goofiness. She made our photo shoot a blast and really captured the fun that we have together." - Angela

"Cheryl was amazing and anyone who can get my boys to take pictures like she did is extraordinary!" - Jenny

"Cheryl had a great attitude the whole time. She really knew her way around Vizcaya, which was so helpful! I'm so happy with the results. " - Mandy and Anthony

"This is our second time shooting with Cheryl and we absolutely love her! She is so good with our kids and really knows how to capture my family's personality." - Debbie

"This was an incredible and magical experience! We can't thank Cheryl enough!" - Rebecca