Adventure, party of one? Your trip is ready!

These adventurous souls didn’t let a lack of travel companion stop them from jet-setting across the world to visit their favourite cities and check off some major bucket list experiences. While solo travelling can seem intimidating, we think it’s one of the best ways to experience the city on your own terms. After checking out our favourite solo traveller photos of 2019, you may even be convinced to book a solo trip yourself!

Favourite Memory: “The energy in San Diego is contagious. I loved getting out and exploring the neighborhoods while popping into random restaurants and bars. Meeting new people and having a genuine connection with other people is a highlight of solo travel in general. Because I’m an East Coast girl, I absolutely loved watching the sunset on the ocean every night.”

Inspiration: “My wanderlust has been wild lately and I ventured out on my first solo trip. After a few days in Sedona, I traveled to San Diego to explore it for the very first time. I love the California vibes, gorgeous beaches, and pretty sunsets, so it just made sense to get to San Diego.” — Katherine in San Diego

Favourite Memory: “My photos for sure.”

Inspiration: “I was working in Finland and I took the opportunity while I was close to Moscow.” — Raquel in Moscow

Favourite Memory: “To start talking with random strangers on the street – which by the way is really unusual for me – although I loved those simple conversations.”

Inspiration: “I travelled to London for two reasons: the first was to visit as many different cafés as possible to absorb as much inspiration as I could. The second reason was to get some great pictures of myself, so I flew to London and had a little solo vacation.” — Lisa in London

Favourite Memory: “Loved exploring the British Museum and witnessing some of the world’s best art. I also loved walking across the Millennium Bridge at sunset, which connects St Paul Cathedral and the Tate Museum. Walking through the streets of Soho and Chelsea was also quite nice.”

Inspiration: “I’ve been to London before, but on this trip I wanted to capture some good shots in this amazing city that has history on every single corner. London has so much to offer with the best landmarks and great backdrops to any photos taken.” — Donald in London

Favourite Memory: “I took this trip to Montréal and Québec City with my mom. We are both big ballet fans and we went with our local dance production company to see performances, go to galleries, and get insider tours of schools and studios. I had spent a semester studying at the university in Québec City many years ago, and although I’ve been back since for work and weddings, this trip was my first time returning purely on vacation mode. I was able to explore the city, catch up with friends and family, and reminisce about my uni days there, all while soaking up some of the best cultural offerings of the two cities (which I definitely did not do my first time here on a student budget at 19!). What made this trip extra-special, however, was that I got to spend some quality time with my mom. It was a 10-day trip and the first time we’d travelled together just as the two us, without other siblings or spouses or kids. This solo time with her was a gift that I will always treasure – I just wish it didn’t take this long to happen!” — Michelle in Montreal

Favourite Memory: “The flamenco experience in a small bar!”

Inspiration: “This was a solo research trip for my business – to learn more about Madrid and Spain so I can help other travellers have a fantastic experience.” — Julia in Madrid

Favourite Memory: “Walking around the streets of Budapest….watching the people pass by….locals and tourists…feeling the vibe of the city while exploring the history of it.”

Inspiration: “Photos of Budapest always inspired me to want to travel there. I went solo and fell in love with this beautiful city…the buildings, the people, the vibe, the LOVE….” — Asrar in Budapest

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