How to travel with friends (and actually get along)

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Travelling often brings out the best in people. It’s a chance to meet new people, experience new cultures and explore new places with a relaxed sense of wonder. But travelling can also be stressful, especially with friends. Everyone has different vacationing styles and sometimes, it can be a struggle to have a fun vacation with friends if your styles aren’t quite meshing. Read on for tips to travel with friends and actually get along.

Flytographer: Melissa in Cancun

Flytographer: Andrea in Toronto

Choose your travel buddies carefully

Just because someone might not make a good travel buddy doesn’t change the fact that they’re an important part of your “real” life. If you know your very best friend likes to have every minute of every trip planned out ahead of time, but you’re the type who prefers to travel sans itinerary, don’t travel together! But be sure to schedule a post-vacation glass of wine so you can fill each other in on all the fun details of your travels.

Flytographer: Belinda in Las Vegas

Flytographer: Rose in Vancouver

Set expectations

Talking about the details before you decide to travel together is an important part of the process. If you’re dreaming of a glitzy Parisian vacation and your friends want nothing more than to sip cocktails on the beach all day, well, that’s a recipe for disaster. Discuss the general plan to be sure everyone is on the same page. Budget is an important detail to discuss, as well.

Flytographer: Marian in Lake Como

Flytographer: Gonçalo in Paris

Schedule alone time

Be sure to allow some time in your travel schedule for free time. Maybe it’s just an hour or two per day when you and your travel companions can retreat to your rooms to nap or read a book. Including little breaks throughout the day so everyone has some breathing room is essential to a spectacular vacation!

Flytographer: Meo in San Francisco

Flytographer: Samantha in NYC

Involve everyone in planning

Even if one of you is more inclined to be the “planner,” be sure everyone is able to give feedback on scheduling activities! A vacation is way more fun when everyone has a hand in the planning and you might surprise each other with activities you had never even considered on your own. Being open to everyone’s ideas and feelings can go a long way to make sure everyone has an enjoyable trip. If you’re totally on a different page regarding one of the day’s activities, split up for the day! It’s absolutely acceptable to separate for a bit and experience some things on your own.

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Flytographer: John in Nashville

Play to everyone’s strengths

Every single one of your friends surely has something they’re awesome at - you are friends with them, after all. Your girlfriend who is awesome at navigating? Defer to her for directions! Your buddy who is an incredibly knowledgeable foodie and ALWAYS picks the most to die for spots to eat? You should probably let him choose tonight’s hot spot for dinner. If everyone is able to contribute what they’re totally awesome at during your getaway, how could your vacation be anything but great?

Flytographer: Monica in Cancun

Flytographer: Lauren in NYC

It doesn’t take much extra effort to lay the foundation for a super fun vacation with friends! Happy travels!