Stories of missed flights and long-distance love connections.

From a bicycle built for two to long-distance reunions halfway around the world to a slow dance on a terrace above Italy’s serene Lake Como, we got the chance to see so many eat-your-heart-out romantic couples photos this year—and now you do too! Here’s our list of the top 20 lovebirds photo moments from 2018 that radiate pure love.

Becca and Gene in Lake Como, Italy

Favourite Memory: “Laying for HOURS at the floating pool on the lake, located at our incredible hotel, The Grand Hotel Tremezzo. The pool and hotel are iconic: glamorous and relaxing all at once. We were able to soak up some sun, get some rest and enjoy countless Aperol Spritzes poolside while ON the lake!”

Inspiration: “Lake Como has always been a dream destination of ours. During this trip, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Last year, we honeymooned in Lanai, Hawaii—lay by the beach, drank Mai Tais and relaxed every day for more than a week. After relaxing in paradise for our honeymoon, we knew we wanted an adventurous first anniversary trip—in Italy.

“We started our Italy excursion in Rome, then ventured to Florence, travelled (and wine-tasted) through Chianti and ended our Italian getaway at Lake Como. After seeing all the sights in Rome and Florence, we knew we wanted to relax in Lake Como and enjoy all the beauty the lake has to offer! Part of enjoying the beauty included making it a trip to remember forever by shooting our first wedding anniversary with Marta G. through Flytographer.”

Ralph and Kitty in Tel Aviv, Israel

“Though we’d been to Israel many times, Jerusalem was the only place for us, until our daughter Suzanne and son-in-law Peter opted for a month in Tel Aviv instead. What an exciting and romantic place. Perfect weather. Lots to do. Young and alive 24/7, and a great beach. We were smitten. It made us feel years younger as if we were starting all over again, flirting. What a thrill be to photographed like that. Thank you, Ben, for helping us reach that moment.” – Kitty

“My polite and serious Canadian Dad wasn’t too keen on being part of a family photo shoot, particularly in such a public place like the glorious Tel Aviv beach. But my feisty, fun-loving, British-bulldog Mum was having a blast! So she did what she’s so good at, injecting a dose of her quick wit and infectious charm (and a well-planted kiss!) into the situation to make her husband of 60 years feel more at ease. Soon after, Dad was giggling along with the rest of us! Thank you, Ben, for capturing this delightfully spontaneous “lovebird” moment and for allowing us to relive the day every time we look at your beautiful photos. And thank you to our darling Gabby for introducing us to Flytographer and arranging the photo shoot – best birthday gift ever!” – Suzanne

Cam and Chris in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Favourite Memory: “When he whispered ‘I love you’ in my ear—this was his first time telling me.”

Inspiration: “My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship at the moment, he lives in Zurich and me in Hong Kong. Meeting in Dubai is halfway for us… and that’s how we like to treat our relationship too…”

Brad and Garrett in Singapore, Malaysia

“Our Flytographer shoot was actually the most memorable part of Singapore! Our Flytographer Kelly was one of those people we felt like we knew for ages, and we became fast friends. It was so perfect to have her not only as our photographer but also as our guide while in Singapore. Garrett and I like to be loose for Flytographer shoots, and one of the best ways we do this is to have a drink or two. For this shoot, it came in the form of chugging a pint at an expat bar called My Awesome Cafe, and by the time we left that place, you’d think we were regulars there. I think we all had a ton of fun interacting with everyone here, especially the staff who even let us walk back into the cramped, hot kitchen to snap a few photos! For what amounted to probably less than 15 minutes, we made one of our top memories of our short time in Singapore.”

Inspiration: “Garrett and I wanted to make the most of our travel and purposely chose flight itineraries that stretched out our time on each layover so that we could go out and explore a new part of the world every step of the way. Singapore was on our way back home, and we had to make it a stop to check out the namesake of the very airline we were using on our way back. It was a small layover that made a BIG impression. Overall, we would only have about 14 hours on the ground, but our short time in Singapore packed in a lifetime of fun memories. There’s a vibrant, youthful and exciting business with Singapore that’s wrapped up in the exoticness of just being in Southeast Asia. Between the mixing pot of cultures with wonderful people and all the delicious food they bring, the laid-back atmosphere, and the huge, friendly bar culture that only a large expat community can foster, Singapore was completely unexpected in the best way and incredibly exciting.”

Alberta and William in Moraine Lake, Banff, Canada

Favourite Memory: “The beautiful Moraine Lake.”

Inspiration: “My name is Alberta and I have always wanted to visit Alberta, Canada.”

Vince and Kiran in Madrid, Spain

“Every year, my wife and I like to go on a new adventure: to get married again in a new country. This year we got to experience all the art, culture and food that Madrid has to offer. One of our favourite parts of each trip is the photo shoot with Flytographer. It gives us many great memories and it makes us feel like celebrities!

“I can’t wait to marry her again next year!”

Tiffany and Frank in Paris, France

Favourite Memory: “We have two! The first was doing a bicycle tour of Paris. It was such a great way to see the city and learn about its history. Our guide was wonderful and we were able to really experience the beauty of Paris. The second was our photo session with Olga! It was so much fun and Olga gave us some great tips for shopping and restaurants.”

Inspiration: “For the past year my husband has been fighting cancer. This trip to Paris was our celebration of the end of all his treatments and to turn a page on a new chapter. We have been trying to get to Paris for the past 10 years, and this was the perfect time. It was also my husband’s first trip to Europe. We thought Flytographer would be the best way to document this momentous trip.”

Katie and Brett in San Francisco, U.S.

Favourite Memory: “Too many to pick just one! From the big bus hopping to see the Painted Ladies and cross the bridge, a trip to Alcatraz, Warriors and A’s games, and riding the cable car, we tried to fit it all in! Perfect sunny days and sunset weather every day sure helped too! People kept asking where we were from then nodding in acknowledgement when we said Canada—we were the only ones in shorts!”

Inspiration: “A getaway from the never-ending Canadian winter! We mixed some relaxation with a lot of adventure—there is a LOT to do in San Francisco!”

Meghan and Craig in Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Our Flytographer Steven was phenomenal! He made the shoot feel really natural, even for someone who is not a fan of being in front of the camera (me)! His attention to detail was amazing and I loved his willingness to let us help decide where and what type of photos we wanted…really he was able to take our vision and make it come to life!! I also really appreciated him letting us take a quick peek at the photos a couple times throughout the shoot to make sure we felt good about them! Hands down best experience (and end photos) I’ve had in years!”

Mackenzie and Blake in Santorini, Greece

Favourite Memory: “We loved waking up early to see Oia before all the crowds rolled in—especially loved getting to see the famous Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants house (a personal fave!).”

Inspiration: “My husband and I were on a two-month Eurotrip, and my mom wanted to give us the gift of three Flytographer sessions, so we would come home with amazing memories and pictures. These early-morning sessions ended up being some of our favourite activities of the entire trip—waking up early to see the city with a local resulted in the best views, amazing little mini-history lessons from each Flytographer, and a great way to start our day on a fun note. We loved every one!”

Anureet and Ricky in Bali, Indonesia

Favourite Memory: “It is so hard to choose what our favourite memory is because everything was so perfect! Loved experiencing the rice fields and our hotel, the Royal Pita Maha was alone one of the most beautiful places we have stayed and we were lucky enough to have our photo shoot there!”

Inspiration: “We went to Bali for our honeymoon. We loved everything we had heard and seen about Bali. The greenery, culture and beauty was exactly the type of place we were looking for. Ubud was the perfect spot for us because it was secluded and so relaxing. Relaxation was key after a huge wedding we had just planned.”

Maria and Sergio in Venice, Italy

Inspiration: “My fiancé Sergio and I are both first-generation Italian, and we have family in different parts of that beautiful country. After visiting my family in Sicily, and prior to spending some days with his family in Veneto, we decided to spend a night in Venice. It was magical! We are getting married at a venue in the Tri-State area in the U.S. called, The Venetian. What better pictures for our save-the-date, along with welcome signs for our special day!”

Katherine and Marc-Andre in Munich, Germany

Favourite Memory: “Spending time together is so important to us and we just loved having fun every single day. From navigating the canals of Amsterdam to paragliding in Lucerne to making new friends at Oktoberfest, we just had an amazing time. We hope to start a family in the near future so we’ll always cherish these times where it was just the two of us.”

Inspiration: “Oktoberfest has been on my husband’s bucket list since we started dating over seven years ago so, with his 30th birthday around the corner, we planned an incredible European vacation. We spent time in Amsterdam and Lucerne before wrapping up the trip in Munich for the opening weekend of Oktoberfest! We had the time of our lives and it’s a trip we’ll remember forever.”

Jacqueline and Joey in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Favourite Memory: “Puncturing too many tires, our friends having to hitchhike to the next town and miraculously meeting us in our other car along the way… and missing our flight in Patagonia. Adventure of a lifetime!”

Inspiration: “My fiancé and his friend were turning 30, and we wanted to go somewhere we’d hardly revisit once everyone had settled down to start their families. We decided on Patagonia, and stayed a few nights in Buenos Aires on the way!”

Deanna and Jon in Paris, France

Favourite Memory: “Paris was full of love and excitement, and beauty. I loved being able to finally hold my guy’s hand, feel his arms around me, and have a true conversation face to face with him without being interrupted at some amazing restaurants in Paris.”

Inspiration: “I am dating an amazing guy who I’ve been dating for six months. The only thing is we have never met in person. We have only talked on the phone and had Facetime with each other. He is in the military, and I am a travel ICU nurse. One day he asked me if I would meet him in Paris for a date. I said I would love to. My Flytographer and concierge Shay was nice enough to arrange a location and the perfect photo shoot to capture our emotions for each other on camera. I am truly grateful for my priceless images.”

Cassie and Jenaya in Lisbon, Portugal

“We were in love with the whole photo shoot. Our Flytographer Orsi made us feel so comfortable and the end result really was beyond what we imagined! Will recommend to all of our friends.”

Kacey and Sean in Lake Como, Italy

“Our Flytographer Marian was an absolute dream! We wanted to take our engagement pictures on Lake Como while on holiday, but we were both nervous—we aren’t models, will we be awkward?!, etc. Marian immediately put us both at ease and helped ‘coach’ us to get the perfect shot every step of the way. Not only was her personality disarming and calming for a camera-shy couple, but the images she was able to capture were some of the most beautiful I’ve ever had taken. We wanted a few different locations and an outfit change, and she helped us find all the most perfect spots. Can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Favourite Memory: “The beautiful sunsets and renting our own boat to explore with a picnic and Champagne.”

Inspiration: “Como is the most beautiful spot in the world!”

Marie Claire and Jim in Cape Town, South Africa

Favourite Memory: “Too many to mention, but notable are Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Hermanus, (wine region) West Coast National Park, wine, wine and more wine. A tour of Bo Kaap and delicious Cape Malay food.”

Inspiration: “We love Cape Town … this was our third trip planned as combined anniversary and birthday celebrations.”

Michael and Erika in Tulum, Mexico

Favourite Memory: “We normally do our shoots in the morning when there aren’t a lot of people out yet, but our photographer wanted sunset lighting for this shoot so we did it in the evening. For couple shoots, they can be very emotional and romantic and you can usually feel the love when you look at the photos later. The dinner after our Flytographer shoot was our favourite memory. The moon was full over the ocean, our toes were in the sand and there was so much love, we felt like the only ones there.”

Inspiration: “We’ve visited other areas in Mexico before, but Tulum was new to us. Its romantic beaches were definitely what drew us, but we left with new friends and new experiences.”

Claire and Jonathan in Florence, Italy

Favourite Memory: “Florence left a little stamp on our heart. The museums, the piazzas, the history. All of those left a lasting impression and special memory for us.”

Inspiration: “We love to travel, and always hold these trips close to our heart. Exploring Italy this year was a bucket list item that we were lucky enough to check off and so happy we did. We have always been inspired by the Italian culture and food and we were not disappointed.”