Your Vacation Photographer in Dubai: Meet Akemi

Meet Akemi

Your Vacation Photographer in Dubai: Meet Akemi

Akemi can shoot any length at the beach or Miracle Garden, but requires a 60-minute minimum booking for downtown Dubai, Old Dubai, and desert locations. Desert locations may also require an additional travel fee.


My passion for photography started as an avid backpacker off the beaten track. I still love exploring new places and corners of the city I live in but once I became a mom, I started specializing in family photography. I'm passionate about capturing authentic moments and feelings. My photography style is bright, natural and timeless. I love back-lit images and movement shots!

Three Things

  1. My background is in Criminology but life took another turn - many other turns in fact! I've lived in five countries in the last 15 years and am a trained ESL teacher and proud mom of two gorgeous small boys. 
  2. I definitely couldn't live without family, friends, sports and coffee!
  3. Everyone knows I can't boil an egg and my fridge is (often) empty.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Dubai
For me, the desert is just magical!

Languages Spoken
English, German


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