It’s no small task to find the perfect meaningful gift for the people who mean the most to you, but we’re here to make that task a little easier.

The best gift you can give your parents is memories, because the true gift is the process of making them together. While you can’t order memories on Amazon Prime, we’ve made the job a little easier by rounding up our favourite gift ideas for making new and unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

The Experience Gift

Parents often want nothing more than to spend time with their children, and we know they would do anything to bring a little extra happiness to your life. Why not give them the gift of special time with you or loved ones? Think about their personal passions or hobbies. Maybe it’s an Italian cooking class to recreate that perfect meal you shared together in Florence, or a pottery class with their grandkids. Music lovers would love concert tickets to see the band they love or sports fans would love to cheer on their favourite team with you – you could even make a whole weekend trip out of it. Maybe it’s even plane tickets to visit each other if you no longer live close by. The best part about this kind of gift is the happiness they’ll feel when they open it… and even more happiness when they get to use it!

family on the beach with a toddler in Maui, Hawaii
grandparents with their children and grandchild on the beach in Maui, Hawaii
mother holding her toddler and walking on the beach in Maui, Hawaii

Give the Gift of Memories

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The Ultimate Travel Basket

Travel lovers know that flying is often not glamorous. If your parents have an upcoming trip, make their economy seats feel like first class with a few luxurious travel essentials that make even the long haul flights a breeze. Noise-cancelling headphones and a high-quality travel pillow can help make your 26 inches of legroom feel like a personal cabin. Away luggage is the best of the best, so you’ll never have to worry about a suitcase popping open while they’re trying to hail a cab, and its removable battery means they’ll be charged up at all times. If your parents are always running behind, send them off in comfortable style with a pair of Allbirds – these insanely comfortable and stylish shoes will have your parents Instagram-ready even when running across the airport to catch their flight.

Subscription Box

Give the gift that keeps on giving! Subscription boxes are an easy way to surprise and delight your parents each month with a curated box of items they’ll love, and there’s truly a box for everyone. If your parents dote on their four-legged babies more than you, Bark Box will treat their pets like royalty. FabFitFun boxes are like ordering Christmas straight to your mom’s doorstep every month with a collection of amazing items she’ll love! A cocktail or beer subscription box means you’ll have the perfect excuse to swing by your parents’ house for a refreshing and high-quality drink – just bring a charcuterie board to share. So whether it’s a unique craft beer to remind you of the ones you sipped with your parents in Belgium or a sparkling wine just like the one in Tuscany, spend the evening planning your next family vacation over delicious drinks.

Photo memories

Making meaningful memories together is a gift in itself… but capturing those memories? Priceless. Gift the gift of a Flytographer shoot with your loved ones to capture everything from the loving way your parents still look at each other after 40 years of marriage to the way they dote on their grandkids during the first trip you take with all three generations together. Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world or a quick staycation in your own town, a photo shoot is a fun and unique way to experience your city. Once you receive your beautiful images, don’t leave them sitting on your computer. Whether it’s a stunning photo album, framed prints to decorate the walls or even a digital frame displaying the entire shoot (if you can’t choose just one photo to show off), gift your parents with a way to enjoy their photos every single day. We guarantee the joy they’ll feel surrounded by beautiful photos of their loved ones is one of the most meaningful gifts of all.

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