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Traveller of the Week: The Schulte Family

Meet our traveller of the week: the Schulte family. We chat about their recent trip to Miami, the importance of reconnecting with family, and why they’re so glad they embraced the rain during their photo shoot.

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Traveller of the Week: Deonza

Meet Deonza, our traveller of the week. Deonza chats about her solo travels, celebrating her birthday with new friends, and what she loved most about Lisbon. 

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Traveller of the Week: Alex Beene

“‘There’s no place like this in the world,’ a local told me. ‘You won’t find any place like it.’ True, indeed. This city is one to be treasured.”

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Traveller of the Week: Chantal Pigeon

When bucket list travels keep getting sidelined for other travel opportunities, there comes a point when you just know you have to finally cross that dream trip off your list. That’s how our traveller of the week, Chantal Pigeon, finally made it to Portugal.

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Traveller of the Week: Jennifer Ruiz Garay

We’re chatting with Jennifer Ruiz Garay, our traveller of the week, and let’s just say we’re all kinds of inspired. She gives us tips on how to prioritize travel and tells us about her upcoming adventures.

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Travellers of the Week: the Hudson Family

Montoya, her husband, and their three daughters have been steadily checking cities and countries off their travel bucket lists as a family every spring, and when we caught up with this mom of three, she keyed us into just how they give their children a global education before they ever even leave for the airport.

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