We caught up with travel blogger and photographer, Chelsea Bancroft, who recently hopped across the pond with her mom for a mother-daughter adventure in Bali!

Chelsea offers up advice for solo travellers, recommendations for those planning their own Balinese getaway, and her most memorable trip to date.


5 Questions with Chelsea

What do you love most about travel?
Traveling teaches you so much about the world. I love getting to explore new places and experience new cultures.

What’s the most memorable trip that you’ve taken?
The most memorable trip I’ve taken would have to be when I went out to the Australian outback to see Uluru. It’s such a spiritual place and incredible to think how the earth created this giant rock. The stars at night were also amazing. I just laid on my back staring up at the sky for hours, it was so beautiful!

What did you love most about your trip to Bali, do you have recommendations?
Ubud was my favorite part of Bali. I would definitely recommend doing a bike tour to see the rice fields and local villages. I also enjoyed taking a local cooking class.

Any advice for solo travellers?
When I’m traveling solo I like to join tour groups to meet new people. I’ve met so many great friends this way!

Where are you planning on traveling next?
I don’t have any set plans yet, but I feel like South America is calling my name 😉

“My mom and I were traveling together and it was amazing to experience Bali and Asia with her. Neither of us had ever been, so it was really special getting to see all the new things together.” – Chelsea

Flytographer: Gusmank in Bali