This adorable family couldn’t let distance keep them apart when it came to their little one’s third birthday. So, they met in the middle in Italy’s breathtaking Amalfi Coast to have some quality time together and properly celebrate their son’s big day. Read on for the details and our photographers’ best tips for getting the most out of a trip to Amalfi.

“My husband was away on mission and was going to miss our son’s 3rd birthday. So, we decided we’d meet in Italy to celebrate our precious boy’s 3rd. My favourite memory is the perfect day we shot with Flytographer. We had a lovely breakfast with a view, met our photographers and walked around Positano by the water. My son loved the water, the sun was shining and I was with my family. We had a lovely lunch followed by a nap. The pictures turned out amazing and really captured our serenity.” – Magnolia

Here are some tips from photographers Mary and Maurizio for families visiting the Amalfi Coast:

1. Enjoy off-the-beaten path spots

Try to enjoy the real taste of this amazing place by avoiding major tourist spots and opting for local haunts instead.

2. Be prepared

Bring your swimsuits – the water of the sea is so fragrant – but, of course, also bring a jacket for the wind. And always wear comfortable shoes (the Coast is not made for heels).

3. Eat your way around the coast

Try the magical Mediterranean food. Enjoy our pasta, pizza and fresh fish.

4. Experience variety

If you spend a few days here, try to visit more than one village of the Coast and learn about each village’s story.

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5. Memories make the best souvenirs

Take a moment – close your eyes and smell the perfume of the Coast, the nature, the sea, the food. That’s the real essence you have to keep in mind to transport you back to the Coast long after you’ve returned home.

 Flytographer:  Mary & Maurizio in Amalfi Coast

Flytographer: Mary & Maurizio in Amalfi Coast

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