Photo Gift Cards

Gift-giving can stump even the most creative among us, particularly when it comes to those hard-to-please or already-have-lots loved ones! 🎁 When it comes down to it, human connection, thoughtfulness, and memory-keeping are invaluable, and we have the perfect gift idea: forever memories in the form of photo gift cards! 💌

We easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. The magic of Flytographer is both the experience and the photos. Explore the city with a fun, talented photographer and get wall-worthy photos to relive your trip, forever. 🌏 Today, we’re sharing details about photo gift cards that will capture your destination vacation and deliver the perfect travel souvenir: priceless memories! Treat yourself, a loved one, or… both! 👍



  1. What is Flytographer? — Flytographer connects you with hand-picked, local photographers in over 350 destinations around the globe for fun, hassle-free photo shoots.
  2. Occasions to Celebrate — Flytographer shoots are perfect for travel, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, graduations, reunions, and more!
  3. How it Works — One of the best parts of giving a gift card is accessibility and ease, and we’ll walk you through the process step by step!
  4. How to Redeem — check availability; confirm your date, timing, and location; and plan your shoot.
  5. The Ultimate Memory Maker — Print your Flytographer e-gift card, buy a beautiful frame, and put the gift card inside the frame; when your loved one gets their photo prints, they can swap out the gift card!

Photo: Gerald in Santorini for Flytographer. Carly and partner capture memories in Santorini with a couples photoshoot in Oia Village.

1. What is Flytographer?

Flytographer connects you with hand-picked, local photographers in over 350 destinations around the globe for fun, hassle-free photo shoots. 📸

Travel adventures in new destinations?

Hometown memories?

New headshots for LinkedIn or other social media profiles?

Proposing to the love of your life?

Whether you want photos of a solo vacation, girls’ trip, honeymoon, family vacation, or pretty much any other kind of photo shoot, Flytographer has got you covered! With an easy booking process, quick turnaround times, and tens of thousands of five-star reviews, you’re guaranteed to receive incredible, beautiful, cherished images of all your special photo-worthy occasions. ⭐️

Photo: Krystal in Paris for Flytographer. Monica and partner capture memories in Paris with a ‘just because’ photoshoot in the Louvre Grounds & Tuileries Garden.

2. Occasions to Celebrate

Although we specialize in travel 🛫 photos, there are so many occasions to celebrate—likely more than you’ve even thought possible! Flytographer shoots are perfect for baby showers, anniversaries, wedding gifts, birthdays, graduations, and more! 🎓

Giving a virtual photo gift card is an ideal way to celebrate those you love who may be separated by a lot of geographical space. 🤳 Flytographer gift cards make incredible, easy, and wildly useful gifts.

Wedding present? The happy couple can use it for their honeymoon or a future adventure. 💋 

Creative baby shower gift idea? Gift cards can be used toward maternity 🤰 photos or once baby is born to commemorate any amazing baby 🚼 or family milestones.

Hard-to-shop-for adults? Gifting parents or peers with a photo shoot is an awesome way to give them something they may not think to do for themselves (be sure to read our Top 5 Meaningful Anniversary Gifts for Parents post for even more ideas).

For the minimalists among us, gift cards are literally the perfect idea and take up zero space 🧳 (we love this minimalist gift guide for the travellers in your life, too!).

Photo: Sehee in New York City for Flytographer. James and partner celebrate an engagement in New York City with an engagement trip photoshoot at Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO.

3. How it Works

One of the best parts of giving photo gift cards is accessibility. 👏 How a personalized gift card works:

  • Go to our Gift Card page
  • Choose a shoot length to gift (30 min, 60 min, 90 min, 2 hours, or 3 hours)
  • Select a gift card title
  • Add a personal message
  • Choose to email the gift card directly to the receiver or to yourself the same day, or you can gift it later
  • Add the gift card to your cart
  • Purchase the gift card

A note if you want to book a shoot for someone else:

Due to the personal nature of photography and the logistics involved, we cannot book photo shoots through or for family/friends; instead, we encourage you to give a gift card. Gift cards allow them to create an account, organize the shoot themselves, and receive their gallery directly. They can also confirm the best time for them, preferred location, and the photographer that best matches their itinerary and style. ❣️ We have found that this kind of photography is a pretty personal experience, so having it feel like an invited experience they have a say in helps them to feel more comfortable in front of the camera on the day! 🥰 Keeping it as a gift card also has the advantage that if for some reason it isn’t possible for them on their current trip, they have the option to use it on a future trip! 

Photo: Tania in Amsterdam for Flytographer. Angela and family capture memories in Amsterdam with a family photoshoot at The Jordaan.

4. How to Redeem

Are you a lucky Flytographer gift card recipient? Want to know how to redeem a gift card? Read on!

  • Check Availability
    Get started by finding your city on the destinations page (USA and beyond!). 📍 You can check the availability of your preferred photographer by completing an inquiry and creating your Flytographer account. A Shoot Concierge will be waiting to help with any questions you may have. 🙋‍♀️ We recommend inquiring at least 1–2 weeks in advance of your travel date, but further ahead if you have a specific date and photographer in mind.
  • Confirm Your Date
    When you receive confirmation of your photographer’s availability, confirm your date and package (this is where you redeem your gift code—“at checkout”). 📆 If you wish to upgrade to a longer package, no problem!
  • Plan Your Shoot
    Pick your route and tell us your style preferences. 🗺 Your Shoot Concierge will help confirm the final details with your photographer and put everything together in your Shoot Scoop! A Shoot Scoop gives you all the details you’ll need for your shoot, and your Shoot Concierge is always available to help with any questions you have in advance.

Photo: Mariana in Guanacaste for Flytographer. Grace and family capture memories in Guanacaste with a family photoshoot on Westin Beach.

5. The Ultimate Memory Maker

Tangible images in printed form are highly recommended—get those pictures off your screen and onto prints or books you can flip through to relive your memories anytime! 📔 When you bundle a photo shoot gift card with a beautiful photo book, you save! 💰 Want more details? You can get more info about our Ultimate Memory Maker page here.

For a stellar Flytographer gift card presentation hack, print your Flytographer egift card, buy a beautiful frame, and put the gift card inside the frame. When your loved one completes their shoot, they can replace it with one of their beautiful Flytographer photo prints!

Photo: Tracy & Bi in Toronto for Flytographer. Maham and family capture memories in Toronto with a Family photoshoot in High Park.

Give the Gift of Memories

We all know how fun it is to receive a greeting card with cash. Imagine receiving a card with a custom gift card specifically giving your loved one(s) the gift of memories! Birthday, holiday, anniversary, reunion, or any other celebration is a perfect excuse for a gift card (although a Visa or Mastercard gift card is fun, Flytographer gift cards are easy to gift, and fee-free! 💳). 

For even more gift ideas on the best presents that aren’t things, be sure to check out this post, and let your gifting focus on memories, experiences, and capturing time in a way that makes your loved one feel extra special.

Have more questions? Let us know! 📲 We can’t wait to help you capture memories and share them with those you love. 💝