From hidden alleys in Europe, to the white sands of Mexico and breathtaking city views all across America – this month we got to capture incredible proposals in all corners of the world! Take a look at our favourite proposal moments from March.


1. Tyrel and Kate in Lisbon, Portugal
Flytographer Orsi


2. Jake and Ali in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Serena


3. Stefan and Tora in New York City, USA
Flytographer Johnny


4. John and Kirsten in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Flytographer Louise


5. Roger and Doratha in Cancun, Mexico
Flytographer Claudia


6. John and Emily in Venice, Italy
Flytographer Marta


7. Ryan and Jen in San Francisco, USA
Flytographer Julie


8. Marc and Serena in Florence, Italy
Flytographer Alice


9. Bryce and Amanda in Maui, USA
Flytographer Erin


10. Tayler and Mariam in Berlin, Germany
Flytographer Sarah


11. Kevin and Mailani in Chicago, USA
Flytographer Adam


12. Jon and Megan in Tokyo, Japan
Flytographer Nathalie


13. Michael and Jana in Los Angeles, USA
Flytographer Yeran


14. Joey and Brooke in Barcelona, Spain
Flytographer Cathy


15. Austin and Kayla in San Francisco, USA
Flytographer Julie


16. Will and Emily in Florence, Italy
Flytographer Alberto


17. Tadeh and Araksi in Rome, Italy
Flytographer Roberta


18. Braden and Shawna in Las Vegas, USA
Flytographer Talia


19. Raegan and Erin in Houston, USA
Flytographer Dawn


20. Dharmdeo and Maria in Paris, France
Flytographer Maria