Flytographer: Lauren Colchamiro

Flytographer: Lauren Colchamiro

“Having professional photos taken on this special mom-daughter birthday trip allowed me to relax and enjoy our time together knowing these memories had been captured by Flytographer.” – Suzanne

“As my daughter heads into her pre-teen years I wanted to create a special experience for just the two of us. New York is where her dad and I met and fell in love so it has always held a special place in my heart.  

I was excited to share the city with her and surprised her with an early birthday gift the week before we left. The night we arrived at our Times Square hotel she was amazed by the spectacle outside the window and exclaimed, ‘it is so colorful – like our very own city night light!’

“This energy and feeling of the city was what I told Flytographer I was hoping to capture in our photos. As a photographer, I knew I would be documenting our trip, but I wanted to keep the focus on her, not my photography. Knowing I had some great shots of the two of us allowed me to relax and truly be present during our time together. Thanks for offering such a wonderful service!”  – Suzanne

PS – Suzanne is a pro photographer in San Francisco and we met up last month at The Mill coffee shop. Check out her fun blog posts on the best coffee spots in SF:

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