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The sparks flew for Kathy & Greg on their honeymoon to Aruba – not only for each other, but between the couple and their Flytographer Steven as well! We love it when we hear of this magic connection between customers and photographers – it really makes for an extra-special holiday. ♥

“We were in Aruba on our honeymoon. My most memorable experiences were everything! My husband and I loved meeting the locals and going to the hole-in-the wall restaurants, as we always think they have the best food. (My husband tried iguana soup!) There’s so much to do out there and you want to get it all in. Our favorite memory was getting lost on the island with our ATVS. We’re very adventurous, so it was nice to step away from the tour guides and the typical excursions. 

“One of the highlights was meeting our Flytographer, Steven, and frolicking around Arashi Beach. Steven was amazing! He came prepared with his own vision and was open to suggestions from us as well. We’re a big fan of candids vs. posed photos, and the pictures he took were captivating. He really captured all the love & energy between Greg and me. Our friends and family said Steven’s honeymoon pictures were even better than our wedding pictures, and we agree 100%. I wish he had photographed our wedding! We will definitely seek him out again whenever we go back to Aruba.” – Kathy

The love was mutual! Flytographer Steven wrote us: “Can I rate this shoot with 10 stars [out of our usual 5 stars]? 5 stars is an understatement of how it went! Kathy & Greg arrived early at the shoot, and so did I (as I always do, so I can check out the location). We connected immediately. We started to have a conversation as if we’d known each other a long time!

“We started the shoot with some dancing pictures (and by the way they’ve got some really good moves!). After those shots, we continued with some more romantic shots; their love sparks a fire of adoration…

“After the shoot, Kathy & Greg took me out to dinner, and we went to this amazing place where I went for my birthday 6 months ago. Here comes the fun part…Kathy & Greg told the chef & waiters that it was my birthday…again! So basically my birthday is twice a year! 😉

“Kathy & Greg were magical – there’s no way around it. I loved having the honor of documenting their honeymoon trip to Aruba. I wish them the best as they navigate life together!” – Steven

 Flytographer: Steven in Aruba

Flytographer: Steven in Aruba

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