When her eyes light up with the magic of lights, trees, and everything holidays, how about a wintry Prague proposal?

There’s only one thing for a guy in love with a gal in love with the holiday season to do. Propose to her in a charming European city amidst the glow of the Christmas markets, of course! James planned a gorgeous Prague proposal to add an extra special moment to the magic of the season and of course he knew that he had to hire one of our proposal photographers to capture it all. Read on for all the adorable details.


“Lucy and I met at a pint night through mutual acquaintances and hit it off immediately. We both quickly learned that we loved some of the same things: food, drinks, and especially travel. Our relationship has centred around travel, and we love to visit new cities both at home in the US and abroad. Our first trip abroad together came early on in our relationship. We encountered multiple travel issues on that trip, but we both kept our cool and made a great team! It was on that first trip to Italy together that I knew she was the one I wanted to explore the world with for years to come.”


“Lucy’s favourite time of the year has got to be the holiday season. I was trying to come up with an idea for a winter vacation and decided to visit the Christmas markets in Central Europe. I have always been infatuated with Prague’s history, architecture, and, of course, beer! I couldn’t have picked a better starting point for our trip, which ended with a surprise Prague proposal! From there, we were able celebrate throughout the rest of our vacation together.”


“As everyone knows, travel has its hiccups, but our photographer, Eliška, helped us work through all the minor speed bumps we encountered. We not only postponed the shoot from the morning to the afternoon due to weather, we also had to change locations slightly due to crowds. As stressed as I was, I am glad I had the help of a local. After we had a nice lunch (which was supposed to be our celebratory lunch), our ‘local tour guide’ met us to show us some of the smaller parts surrounding Prague’s Old Town. One picture later and we were at the river’s edge just under the Charles Bridge with Old Town in the background. This was the spot where I asked the woman of my dreams to marry me. She did not say yes. She said, ‘Of course!’” – James