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As travel bloggers, Gerard and Kieu of GQ trippin get to visit fabulous locations all over the world – but getting fabulous pictures of themselves? Well, that’s a whole other story! After one too many photos where strangers captured their feet more than their beautiful surroundings, they decided to find a better way – by using Flytographer! Flytographer Goncalo captured these two as they explored the streets of Lisbon, taking in both the beauty and the quirks of this unique city.

From Gerard and Kieu’s blog, GQ trippin, on their Flytographer experience: “We’ve all been there. You’re on vacation and all you want is a decent photo of you and that iconic monument behind you. You quickly scan the crowd, pick that one person with a snazzy camera who looks like they might know a thing or two about taking pictures. You hand over your camera, kindly remind them not to forget to capture the background too. They grab hold, position the camera and instantly you know you’ve made the wrong decision… our camera man thought capturing our cheap sandals was far more important than capturing the 11th century Alhambra behind us.”

“I cannot tell you how many feet pictures we’ve collected over the years — Taj Majal, Eiffel Tower, the Parthenon — it’s just baffling and down right frustrating some times. I swear, it would be so nice if people walked around with a “student driver” sticker on their forehead, or in this case, “student camera”. If not to save lives, than memories. After all, when am I going to get to revisit these places any time soon, right?”

“This is exactly why G spent weeks scouring the internet for a local photographer to take our surprised proposal in Prague. Only that time, he did it the hard way: posting questions on open forums, exchanging emails, negotiating price and relying on his gut that things would pan out. Thankfully, it did. I know this comes as a surprise, but apart from the proposal and our wedding day itself, we barely have any good photos together. Selfies don’t count. So, imagine how thrilled I was to have found Flytographer!”

“Before arriving to Lisbon, our Flytographer concierge (yes, a concierge!) emailed us a short questionnaire to better understand us and what our expectations were, what we’d want out of our shoot. I simply said, candidly capture our goofy selves with a hint of Alfama in it, we wanted that Old District charm. On the day of, I snuck in a last minute request asking him to avoid capturing my arm fat and double-chin. It made him laugh, but I was dead serious.”

“I’m happy to report, Gonçalo nailed it. And, he managed to keep my double-chin at bay too. Kudos for that!” – Kieu

 Flytographer: Goncalo Barriga

Flytographer: Goncalo Barriga

We can’t wait to capture these two on their next adventure!