“Sheri and her girlfriends were the sweetest and most fun ladies to photograph. Their energy, laughter, and genuine love for each other made my job easy! They were on vacation in Los Angeles, reuniting from their sorority days at Vanderbilt University. Sheri had mentioned beforehand that they would all be wearing earth tones, and wanted to play off the natural colours of their surroundings. Malibu Wines was the perfect spot – some mountain views on the upper terrace, wooden tables, wine barrels, and even an old turquoise truck. When putting the final edits on the images, I wanted to stay with warm, muted tones that were in line with the vineyard vibes in the Santa Monica mountains.” – Flytographer Katie in LA

“We were inspired to take this trip to L.A. in celebration of the New Year! It was a reunion trip for eight sorority sisters who haven’t seen each other as a group in four years! My favourite memory was definitely our photo shoot! We went to Malibu Wines and spent the entire afternoon enjoying each other’s company. The ambience of the winery was amazing! The wine was absolutely fantastic and it was a great price for a flight of wine!” – Sheri

 Flytographer:  Katie in Los Angeles

Flytographer: Katie in Los Angeles

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