Travel has the special ability to solidify friendships and to create unbreakable bonds through shared memories and experiences. Read on for how this Girl Scout troop has stuck together through the years through the power of travel.

“We stopped in Florence for one day on a 12-day journey that was ten years in the making! I am a  leader and when I realized ten years ago that I wanted to be a Girl Scout leader with these girls all the way through their high school years, I knew I needed to find an exciting way to give them meaningful shared experiences that would keep them engaged and connected to one another. We were able to do that over the past ten years through travel.

“Ten years ago when they were only finishing up second grade, we started to dream about possibilities. At that time, the girls set multiple goals and milestones for themselves. They have met each and every one, including travelling throughout the east coast of the U.S. including trips to the mountains and beaches of North Carolina and Virginia, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and New York City. The adventures have been amazing! Our final goal was a European tour. In only second grade, it seemed out of reach, but as the girls began to see all of their other goals come to fruition, they finally believed Europe could be a reality! They are all now entering their last year of high school. This was the perfect trip to have the ultimate shared experience that solidified the friendships ten years in the making and will sustain them into adulthood.

“On this trip, planned by EF Tours, the girls saw and experienced things that they only dreamed of before. We painted our own alfrescos, learned to make pasta from an Italian chef, explored the underground of Orvieto, took in the awe-inspiring beauty of St. Francis Basilica, saw the full perfection of Florence from Michelangelo Square, and felt the gravity of the technological feat achieved in the building of the Colosseum. It was life changing! This photo shoot captured their friendships and the bond built over so many years! We can’t thank Flytographer enough for helping us document this achievement ten years in the making!” – Michelle

 Flytographer:  Emma in Florence

Flytographer: Emma in Florence

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