We can’t think of a better birthday gift than quality time spent with the family in a gorgeous destination and neither could this five-year-old. For her birthday, she dreamed of seeing Santorini and, much to her delight, her parents decided to make it happen. Read on for all the details.

“We expected answers like ‘a doll’ or ‘a princess doll house’ when we asked what our 5-year-old daughter wanted for her birthday. Instead, she said she wanted a Disney Cruise through Europe. She also fell in love with a photo of Santorini. My husband and I discussed it and decided, why not? Why not give them the world? We have two great kids who deserve the gift of travel.

“Unfortunately, the death of my grandmother who raised me almost derailed our plans. But after her funeral in May, we headed out in June to unwind and enjoy time together as a family. We went to Copenhagen, took the cruise through Norway and the Norwegian fjords and ended the vacation in beautiful Santorini and Athens.

“My ‘constantly planning and full of great ideas’ sister suggested using Flytographer to capture our memories in Santorini and I am extremely glad we listened, so my daughter could see herself in one of those pictures she loved so much. This was the trip of a lifetime and a much needed one for our family. Thank you for capturing it for us.” – Omonele

 Flytographer:  Kimonas in Santorini

Flytographer: Kimonas in Santorini

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