Welcome to Debbie Sherman’s travelling-with-kids master class. When you travel as much as this mom does, you learn a thing or two.


Debbie Sherman is a California-based mom who has booked a photo shoot with Flytographer for every family vacation since 2014. She’s loved having the beautiful keepsakes from each of their trips and how it’s allowed her children to recall precious memories from each and every location. “My youngest daughter was four months old in our very first Flytographer shoot,” says Debbie. “So she obviously can’t remember actually being in Paris for our first shoot, but because we have a lovely family photo in front of the Eiffel Tower hanging in our home, she talks about her trip to Paris often—talk about a ‘memory’ to last a lifetime!”

As a frequent flyer who’s travelled Bora Bora to Prague with the whole family in tow, Debbie has totally mastered the ins and outs of travelling with kids, and she’s sharing her top tips about how to make the most of the experience, along with her favourite places to take the tots.

Even Though It Isn’t Easy, Travelling with Kids is Rewarding

“Exposure to various cultures, languages and people is a priceless gift,” says Debbie. Her number one tip for parents is to just go with the flow and bring a good attitude. “If you intentionally choose to find joy in every moment, even 11-hour flights, you will set yourself up for a truly enjoyable vacation,” she says. “When you emulate calmness, fun and love, it will likely rub off on your little ones, and will help everyone enjoy the trip.”

The Top 5 Destinations You Should Take Your Kids

After years of trips to memorable destinations all over the world, it was a challenge for Debbie to narrow her top travel list down, but these were her five, you’ve-got-to-grab-your-kids-and-go-ASAP favourites.

Sydney: “It gave the kids a great big city mixed with amazing beaches to explore,” says Debbie. Top things to do: visit the Opera House, Bondi Beach Iceberg Club (your new favourite ocean infinity pool) and the Sydney Zoo.

Lake Louise: “She provided a blanket of snow that was suitable for building snowmen, snowball fights and hiking adventures.” Top things to do: winter sleigh ride behind a pair of mountain horses and a hike around the frozen-over lake.

Paris: Tons of walkable historic monuments and gorgeous green spaces. Top things to do: the Palace of Versailles (and its expansive garden), and a picnic on the Eiffel Tower lawn.

Rome: A city filled with ancient ruins and rich history. Top things to do: a Colosseum tour is a must, and when in Rome, do as the Romans do and try a pizza-making class for kids.

Maui: “Hawaii is full of freedom for little adventurers. The kids loved running, swimming and having a laid back attitude in the most beautiful islands.” Top thing to do: take a snorkel boat tour to look for giant sea turtles.

Pro Tip: Bring Back the Photo Album

“I make a photo book for every shoot. I use Zno and love the professional quality. Having a photo book to look back on is so special to me,” says Debbie.

The Best Tip for Your Family Trips

“Book a Flytographer shoot! These photos will last a lifetime and help to keep your memories of the trip fresh.”

What to Wear in Family Photos

I like to stick with a colour theme of three colours and then coordinate from there. For example navy, yellow and white. I’ll use solids and mix in prints within this colour theme for a coordinated, but not too matchy look.”

Travelling with Family Is One of Life’s Great Adventures

“We love exploring as a family,” says Debbie. “Not only does it bring us all joy, it opens the kids up to new experiences and cultures.”