A Bucket List Trip to Italy

It's never too late to get to work on those bucket list items! This family headed to Italy together to cross a bucket list item off together and to celebrate the big 8-0! Read on for all the fun.

“My father recently celebrated his 80th birthday. I am his only child and I have one daughter. We have all been so busy over the last few years that we hadn't spent time just enjoying being together, so we decided to take a trip to Italy! Only my husband had travelled extensively before, so we just kind of jumped and hoped it worked out.

“The trip was amazing! We will forever remember my dad marking a gondola ride in Venice off his ‘bucket list’ and watching my daughter enjoy her first wine tasting in Chianti. And picture this: a 6’2” 80-year-old man climbing into a vintage Fiat 500 and buzzing all over Rome! The tour was a blast - top down, windows open, laughing and waving at each other, and a chance to see parts of Rome most people never know about! Did you know Rome has a pyramid? Yes, it does! We will never forget our time in Italy and are so happy that we have photos of our family having fun just being together.” - Karyl

Flytographer: Siza in Venice

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