Discovering the Hidden Gems of Tuscany

Regularly travelling to a country or city you love means you have more opportunities to discover the hidden gems. These two travel to Italy regularly, but took their 10-year anniversary as an opportunity to slow down and spend time in a small Tuscan town, embracing the relaxed pace of the region.

“We travel to Italy regularly and planned this trip to Tuscany to celebrate our 10-year anniversary.  Tuscany is a magical place filled with beautiful scenery, incredible food, amazing wine and just a slower pace of life. We wanted to capture that feeling in our photos and Sonya did a wonderful job evoking that sentiment in her photography.  We stayed in a tiny town (population: 10) in the Montalcino region of Tuscany called Castiglioncello del Trinoro.

“Days were filled strolling the hillside, sipping Brunello and indulging in homemade pasta with shaved truffles that we hunted before our cooking class. It was a magical vacation and we cannot wait to return!” - Lisa