Destination Wedding Locations

Here at ​​Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. 🌎 Today, we asked our community of professional photographers for their best recommendations for a photo-worthy destination wedding, and they delivered! While we don’t capture wedding ceremonies, elopements or exchanges of vows, Flytographer comes in for all of the moments before and after. Here are our top ten wedding venue locations to consider for your engagement photos, pre-wedding dress shots, bachelorette pics, honeymoon memories and more! 📍Whether you’re looking for the perfect destination wedding location or maybe narrowing down the ideal honeymoon destination following your big day, read on for some of our very favourite spots.

Photo: Kari in New York City for Flytographer. Becci and partner capture memories of their trip at Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO in New York City on a pre-wedding trip photoshoot.

1. Maui

Ohhhh, Maui! With beautiful beaches, swaying palm trees, sunny skies, warm ocean breezes and much more, Maui is an award-winning island for a plenitude of reasons. 🏝 Whether you envision your wedding experience barefoot on a sandy beach, flanked by rocks and ocean waves or beachfront on the grounds of one of Maui’s stunning resort properties, there are too many photo-worthy backdrops for just your ceremony alone! What about taking the time to capture photos of you in your wedding attire pre-ceremony or maybe a honeymoon photoshoot post-wedding with a totally different (but equally as magical) backdrop? Take advantage of the variety and constant beauty Hawaii has to offer and the talent of one of our incredible Maui Flytographers!

Photo: Taena in Maui for Flytographer. Kelsey and partner capture memories of their trip at Po’olenalena Beach (South Shore) in Maui on a pre-wedding trip photoshoot.

2. New York City

One of the best things about New York City as a wedding destination is the endless opportunities for fun, romance and, of course, brilliant photos! 📸 NYC is perfect year-round—no matter the season or time of day, there’s literally something for anyone, whether we’re talking about entertainment, food or photos. From iconic Central Park landmarks to the epic views of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge or DUMBO waterfront to the cobblestone streets and dramatically perfect architecture of SoHo, New York City absolutely cannot be beaten. New York City is often a central meeting place and easy to arrive at no matter your or your family’s and friends’ hometowns. Wedding celebrations in New York City can range from super fast to more extended getaways, and everyone is sure to have the time of their lives while they celebrate your new life together as a married couple! 🥳

Photo: Armando in New York City for Flytographer. Kate and partner capture memories of their trip at Williamsburg Waterfront in New York City on a pre-wedding photoshoot with Flytographer.

3. Banff

Banff is one of Canada’s most stunning resort towns—found within Banff National Park in Alberta, Banff is everything you could ask for when it comes to stunning mountain beauty. 🏔 Banff as a destination wedding location checks off multiple boxes—whether you’re hoping for the excitement (or spa-like calm) of a world-class ski resort, taking in the pristine turquoise waters of Lake Louise or just wanting to enjoy the stunning views of the beautiful Canadian Rockies, Banff is an incredible wedding destination getaway. 🍾 Be sure to take the time to capture Banff in all its glory, not just for your nuptials!

Photo: Lyndsay in Banff for Flytographer. Alberta and partner capture memories of their trip at Moraine Lake in Banff on a pre-wedding photoshoot.

4. Cancun

Let’s go back to the talk of sandy beaches for a moment, shall we? Cancun is one of our absolute favourite places for a beach wedding, with tons of options to choose from in terms of venues, activities and more. White-sand beaches are plentiful, as are oceanfront backdrops and all-inclusive packages, making Mexico not only a favourite getaway for destination weddings but also an easy one. You’ll have no trouble wedding planning or setting up your special day perfectly in Cancun. Capturing photos outside your wedding day events is ultra easy and picturesque in Cancun.

Photo: Claudia in Cancun for Flytographer. Jasleen and partner capture memories of their trip at Playa Delfines & Del Ray, Hotel Zone in Cancun on a pre-wedding trip photoshoot.

5. San Juan

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico—an amazing Caribbean Island perfect for a destination wedding! While Puerto Rico may not be the first place to pop into your mind when it comes to destination weddings, San Juan is home to incredible food, culture, beaches and landscapes. Since Puerto Rico is a US Territory, it’s also easier than many international destinations for those living in the United States! The ease of planning, travelling to and from and celebrating your wedding festivities in San Juan makes it one of our favourite destinations. 💍

Photo: Raul in San Juan for Flytographer. Katie and partner capture memories of their trip at Classic Old San Juan in San Juan on an engagement trip photoshoot.

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6. Paris

A list of dreamy, photo-worthy wedding destinations wouldn’t be complete without us talking about Paris. Oui-oui! 💖 When it comes to destination wedding locations, Paris is a favourite near and dear to our Flytographer hearts. Although we all are familiar with the iconic beauty of the Eiffel Tower, Paris has so much variety to offer when it comes to photo opportunities, day or night! If you’re in Paris with your wedding party, don’t forget to schedule a bachelorette shoot. 👯‍♀️ Capturing time with your girls (or other members of your wedding party) seals these memories in a tangible form, making your wedding special for not only you as a couple but also the people you love. Wedding ideas in Paris are endless, as are the Parisian backdrops for your celebration photos.

Photo: Olga in Paris for Flytographer. Nicole and partner capture their pre-wedding tip to Paris with a couple photoshoot with Flytographer

7. London

London is an amazing destination wedding location because it offers ease of travel and lets many of us avoid the intimidating language barriers that come with other international locations. 🇬🇧 The options for celebrations and photos here seem limitless—London is charming, historical and wildly romantic. Whether you want something that feels like it belongs in the city or the English countryside, London is a dream wedding location and a perfect place to schedule photo shoots to celebrate this special season in life.

Photo: Hector in London for Flytographer. A couple captures memories of their trip at Buckingham Palace & Mayfair in London on a pre-wedding photoshoot.

8. Sorrento

Sorrento is a stunning cliffside Italian town in Southwestern Italy. 🇮🇹 Sorrento is the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, making it an amazing destination for its immediate geographical beauty and accessibility to even more Italy (and Europe) has to offer. Whether your destination wedding includes an intimate guest list or is a larger affair, a trip to this Mediterranean destination is sure to dazzle everyone who comes to celebrate your amore! ❣️

Photo: Andrea in Sorrento for Flytographer. Harriet and partner capture memories of their trip at Sorrento Village in Sorrento on a pre-wedding photoshoot.

9. Rome

While we’re in Italy, let’s take a minute to also talk about our love for Rome! Rome is another favourite destination for a dream wedding, not just for your nuptials! The culture, cuisine and unbelievable romance Rome offers makes it one of our favourite destination wedding locations. 🍝 Aside from your wedding day, might we recommend sneaking away, just you two, for a romantic couple’s photoshoot capturing the rich history flowing through Rome? 📷 A photoshoot here leaves you with not only stunning images but also amazing memories from this historical city.

Photo: Francesco in Rome for Flytographer. Chinemenma and partner capture memories of their trip at The Pantheon & Trevi Fountain in Rome on a pre-wedding trip photoshoot

10. Santorini

There aren’t many sights more romantic than Santorini’s whitewashed buildings and paths, blue-capped domes and romantic cave houses perched high above the Aegean Sea. 🇬🇷 Greece. Is. Gorgeous! Santorini is not only an amazing destination wedding location; it’s also one of the most photogenic places on the planet. Aside from wedding photos, taking photos in your wedding gear or while you’re honeymooning will have you reliving this beauty for decades to come. 😍

Photo: Spyros in Santorini for Flytographer. Rebecca and partner capture memories of their trip at Imerovigli Village in Santorini on a honeymoon photoshoot.

Capturing Wedding Memories

Lastly, we want to throw out some honourable mentions, including iconic cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Napa Valley in California and off-the-beaten-path cities like Cape Town, South Africa. Jamaica is another crowd favourite, as are other island destinations in the Caribbean and Bahamas. Truly, there are so many incredible options to celebrate your love, your lives together and your future! 👍

Capturing wedding memories goes beyond your actual nuptials. 💒 We hope we’ve been able to inspire you with locations you may not have considered or confirmed that the location you had your eye on may be the perfect one to capture your wedding memories.

Cheers to kicking off your forever in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations! 🥂