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What better way to celebrate the big 3-0 than to be surrounded by your best friends! Terra’s gal pals arranged a secret surprise to kick off the weekend of birthday celebrations in Vancouver – a Flytographer shoot to capture this super special occasion! Dressed to the nines and reunited at last, these fabulous ladies met with Flytographer Rose to capture the special bond these ladies share. 

“For my friend Terra’s birthday we wanted to do something special. She’s the first of our tight-knit group of friends to turn the ‘big 3-0.’ Most of us knew each other from university in Victoria – we all went to UVic and instantly bonded. But since graduation, we’ve all dispersed. With so many of us living in different cities and leading different lives, we felt it was important to all come together and mark this special day for Terra.”

“The best way to do it was a photo shoot where we could ALL be in the picture for once – without awful stranger shots where he/she takes one or two – and with a group as big as ours, we’re guaranteed to have at least one person blinking or making a weird face. It was also that rare chance to catch us all together and capture this special time in our lives.”

“It’s really hard to keep a secret from Terra. She’s very intuitive and usually knows every plan for every event well ahead of time. But she was truly surprised! She even cried!”

“Rose was sooo wonderful to work with. She had some shots in mind ahead of our shoot once we agreed that Coal Harbour would be the perfect location. She also left it open to let us interact naturally for those perfect candid shots. It felt like she was part of our group of girlfriends during the whole photo shoot!”

“After the shoot we wrapped up the night at Parlour in Yaletown, where more friends met us to celebrate! We were absolutely blown away by the photos and we feel so fortunate to have these photos forever! Thank you Flytographer!”

 Flytographer: Rose Dykstra

Flytographer: Rose Dykstra

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