Ready to ring in a new decade? Celebrate the big whatever-0 with a trip to your dream destination! Bali travel, anyone?

When it came time to enter her thirties, Sofia figured it was the perfect reason to make her dream of visiting Bali come true…and luckily, her boyfriend Jorge was fully on board. Read on for how she spent a magical birthday embarking on the Bali travel of her dreams.

“For over ten years, I have dreamed of visiting Bali. The culture, the scenery, and the people’s kindness seemed straight out of a fairy tale. When my boyfriend asked me what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday, I decided it was time to make my dream come true! I couldn’t think of a more magical and spiritual place to begin the next decade of my life.

“On my birthday in Bali, my boyfriend surprised me with the perfect day. We did the cleansing ritual at Tirta Empul Temple (super spiritual moment) followed by a massage and facial, and finally, we had dinner with the elephants at the Bali Zoo! It was the perfect day and the most amazing way to relax before our photo shoot.

“My boyfriend and I have travelled a lot, but we’ve always hated most of our pictures — most of which were either us simply standing or unflattering selfies. This is the first trip we’ve come home from with beautiful pictures of both of us together. We — as well as our family and friends — can see our bond and our love in each and every picture. We can’t wait to book another photo shoot during our next trip!” – Sofia