Most people think of relaxing days, probably filled with food, when they think of a vacation. But what if you planned a trip around energizing yourself, staying fit, and came home feeling even better than when you left? We’re taking inspiration from two-time Olympian Tianna Bartoletta, who recently travelled to Barcelona for training camp, with our best tips to plan your next trip around being active.

1. Travel to move

Find a retreat, race, or some other activity you love in a city you want to discover and book a trip around that event. It could be a yoga retreat in Bali, a marathon in just about any large city around the world (perhaps Tokyo, Rome, or Boston are on your radar? All have top-notch — and scenic — races), a self-guided morning walk each day around the city of your choosing, or a cycling tour. Whatever it is that gets you excited to move is a great excuse to take a trip to a new destination.

2. Train properly

Be sure that you’ve properly trained for the activity you plan to take on during your active adventure. If you’re tackling the French countryside on bicycle, this shouldn’t be the first time you’ve pedalled two wheels in several years. Get excited for your upcoming trip by implementing a training regimen leading up to it, so completing your goal is an achievable challenge, not something you’ve jumped into unprepared for.

3. Implement balance

Just because you’re travelling to be active doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the rest of what your destination has to offer. Tianna travels frequently for training and competitions, but rarely gets to see the towns she is in. She decided to change that and began using Flytographer to capture memories outside of the stadium. (Check out her fun birthday photo shoot in Brussels!) Enjoy the active portion of your day and then use that natural energy and mood boost to go see something new and experience what the city has to offer!

  Flytographer Orlando in Barcelona

Flytographer Orlando in Barcelona


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