Because magical photo opportunities are often like visits from your in-laws (sudden and without written notice), a lot of us travellers have the urge to be prepared AT ALL TIMES. Just in case! This means one hand needs to be kept free for clutching a phone or heavy-duty telephoto lens, which can make it a little tricky to get in and out of the Venetian gondola without going for an impromptu dip.

And this is where a Flytographer gift card comes in. A care-free, just-show-up photo shoot with one of our local experts means loved ones don’t have to research, they don’t have to pack in any equipment, or worry that they’re missing magical photo moments. At Flytographer, they get a whole gallery. And here are seven occasions that’s going to come in extra handy:

The Bachelorette Getaway

We’re not sure if we know of a single bridesmaid who gifted a Flytographer shoot to the bride and wasn’t immediately upgraded to Maid of Honour (just sayin’!). But this is a gift that’s going to go down better than any gravy boat or serving platter. The bachelorette vacation, typically a three-day to week-long event, is in itself an epic once-in-a-lifetime trip of old friends and close family, where the bonds are even stronger than the tequila shots. Las Vegas, Maui, Nantucket—the location is secondary, the name of the game is celebrate.

The Family Vacation

A family photo doesn’t work without the whole family. And this legendary shot, for example, of a foursome walking along the Mars-like terrain of Reykjavik, would not have been possible without a third-party to capture it. Not dad stepping out to take the photo or imploring a passing stranger to give it a whirl. Not that you can’t trust the locals (truly, we’ve heard the people of Iceland are lovely!), but all that set up just to find your legs have been cropped out of the final shot is a crying shame.


The date stamp is inherent in the title—this special time comes but once a year, and even fewer if it’s one of the big ones, like 10-year reunions, childhood friendiversaries, wedding anniversaries for sweet great-grandparents who have been married for 75 years. Great photos to preserve this fleeting moment in time will be essential. It’s the anniversary gift of anniversary gifts.

The Babymoon

The last hurrah, a.k.a. babymoon, before a tiny human comes on the scene is a precious and romantic time in a couple’s life, and weeks later, their lives will never be the same again. In a way, it’s also the family’s first photo shoot; a quieter preview of a new main attraction coming soon.

The Honeymoon

Whether a couple has been together for under a year or long enough to finish each other’s sandwiches, there’s something so universally vulnerable and sweet about two people taking that leap to spend their lives together. And it’s on the honeymoon that the newlyweds get that chance to really celebrate this giant life step—after the big party with the cake and the dancing and the shouting over relatives—and connect as partners.

The (Gulp) Proposal

From the extravagant (lavender field serenade in France, anyone?) to the heart-warmingly intimate (the photo of these two hugging in Cannon Beach gets us every time), the proposal is the lightning-in-a-bottle kind of moment to be documented and cherished for all time.

The Solo Trip

This one is great because it doesn’t matter if their partner only gets two vacation weeks a year, a solo trip can happen anytime, anywhere and it’s all about them. Foodie, avid cyclist, beach bum, birding enthusiast—whatever their style, a solo trip wholly reflects the traveller and the photo shoot will too.

Those are just a few of the top occasions you might want to give a Flytographer gift card this holiday season, but there are always new opportunities cropping up for a local Flytographer to make a trip next-level. There are also kindermoons (a family trip before a youngster starts kindergarten), or what about birthday week? It’s been slowly expanding from one evening dinner with a few friends to an entire week of celebrations, which is especially fabulous for a big milestone birthday. Whatever the occasion, or continent (excluding Antarctica, for now), Flytographer has got you covered.