Your Vacation Photographer in Nantucket: Meet Emily

Meet Emily

Your Vacation Photographer in Nantucket: Meet Emily

Emily is available for shoots on Nantucket after 2:00pm.

Being an island local, I always have fun incorporating the beach and ocean into a photoshoot. I don't think much portrays relaxation and vacation more than being on the beach. I have a love for natural lighting, especially shooting at golden hour here on Nantucket where our sunsets are amazing! I have shot for Nantucket's local travel guide, Nantucket Blackbook, as well as been featured in N Magazine for photos I have taken for restaurants on the island.

Three Things

  1. I am a total islander. I love the simplest aspects of Nantucket life, such as beach walks with my camera over my shoulder or playing in the waves on hot summer days!
  2. I love swimming in the ocean. The more waves the better! I can easily spend hours in the water, go back to nap on the sand for a bit, then jump back into the ocean. Perfect beach day.
  3. My favorite channel to watch is the Food Network, and although I watch it so often, all my friends know I still can't cook to save my life ....

Favourite Place to Shoot in Nantucket
Brant Point

Languages Spoken
English, some French